The first taping of "Cats on Cable" will be shown tomorrow night at The End Zone Bar and Grill. For those of you who have not been there yet, this is the place to go to watch any sporting event! Thirteen plasma tv's and a huge projection screen with full suround sound! Please join us tomorrow night at The End Zone Bar and Grill at 1900 King St East. This taping starts at 7:30 and you want to get there early as seating is limited! [i]


Love the name of this place, a real football name. Excellent. Might be an interesting show I think after this weeks happenings!

Based on the logo it's likely a knockoff of the ESPNZone chain.

I myself work at the endzone resturant and i bust tables and do the dishes there.endzone just opened up in mid april and its a great place to go for away games .endzone also does bus trips for home games ,you get cocktails and wings before the game plus an endzone/ticat tailgating shirt and bus transportation and game ticket only for $30.00 for more information on how you can catch the endzone ticat game bus ,call 905-545-59-22 and ask for grant or greg.

Based on the logo it's likely a knockoff of the ESPNZone chain.
Actually it is privately owned, nothing to do with the chain in the states but the best place to watch a sporting event in this city! Great food and different nightly specials! If you can make it tomorrow at 7:30pm it will be well worh it!!

Any word on who the guests will be?

I have actually been to this place a number of times. Great place to watch a game. Staff is very friendly and willing to change a television if you request to watch a different game. Good food and beer prices too.

I never suggested ESPN owned it. I just said it was a knockoff. Because the logo is the same other than a couple of letters difference in the name. Nothing wrong with imitating success.

That is the secret that will be revealed tomorrow! We want to keep it a surprise as long as we can!

does anyone know when this taping will be broadcast on cable 14 as i cant make tomorrow thanks

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thats probly not a great idea to keep the quests a secret. im not guanna end up goin if i dont know whos there.

bump... see you all tonight at the endzone for cats on cable the staff is looking foward to having the ticat fans at our resturant and of corse the ticats them selves

What a Great time Tonight..
They Defence Front 4 + the Backs up..
Your Really Get to See the People Behind..
The Helments..

James Cotton What a Cut up

:rockin: :lol: :lol:

You have to come out next week
Ask Some Questions for the Guys..

It's a great time..

Some clips from tonight will be seen on Cable 14
but they won't be put together as an actual show.

Tonight the cable TV crew only taped a Q and A session
with questions from the audience and a certain player
who declared that he wished to remain anonymous.


I believe tonight's taping
served as technical preparation
for the cable crew

and the clips will be used
to publicize next Wednesday's show