Cats on Cable

Cats on Cable will be taking place this Wednesday night, 7:30pm at the End Zone Bar and Grill 1900 King St E. If you have never been to this place you need to check it out! Great nightly specials and 13 plasma tv's, not to mention the huge projection screen on the wall! Who plans on attending this taping???


Thanks for inviting us all Karyn :thup:

What's the nearest cross street by the way ?

Thanks in advance,


The End Zone Bar & Grill is on King St East in the Rosedale Plaza beside the Barn and Shoppers Drug mart. It is just past Kenilworth if you are travelling east and is on the right hand side. I went there for lunch last week and it is very cool!


Dylan must have organized this because it's right in his neighbourhood I think.....the little schmuck ! :lol: :lol:

Just a reminder, due to some scheduling conflicts,Cats on Cable has been postponed until next week.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



And just when I was prepared to buy everyone beers and wings......oh well, it was a one time :lol:

Thx for the heads up.... :thup:

It's a possibility seeing how he works at The Endzone :stuck_out_tongue:. He's the one who "busts" tables. He's pottingerfan.