Cats on Cable

I really miss the "Cats on Cable" show and was wondering if it is going to be resurrected this year. We had a lot of fun going to the tapings.

I never got a chance to see it being that I live on the west coast but I can imagine it was interesting. They should put the shows online also.

I think Ticats TV is Replacing Cats on Cable.
Since the Ticats can do this all in House.

I miss those early shows Bubba used to do

and also I miss having a few beers
with other Ticat zealots, Borehamgirl

Bubba can't host it any longer
because of his full time job
as a producer at Sportsnet.

The area Cogeco people didn't seem to care
that the live audience couldn't hear the speakers.

Apparently, all they cared about was the home audience.

what there doing now is better
we can hear it this way.
With the Tech Stuff they have now .
They can Do a Question and Answers
Live Via the internet

Plus We don't waist money on Food and Beer.

Different strokes for different folks, Tom.

I prefer meeting and chatting with the players
and socializing with other hard core fans

much more than Q @ A's over the internet.

I agree completely, Ron.

Well I do like the hanging out with my Friends.
But I just see them doing this again