Cats On Cable?

Just wondering is it on tv tonight?, or is it tonight that they just tape it and it plays on another date?

[i]Cable 14 will air each episode four times after each taping.
Air dates for the September 20th episode can be seen exclusively on Cable 14 on the following dates/times:

Friday, Sept. 22 @ 7:00 PM
Saturday, Sept. 23 @ 12:00 PM
Monday, Sept. 25 @ 12:00 PM
Wednesday, Sept. 27 @ 1:00 PM[/i]

It was great Time With The Guys
it was Little hard to hear but maybe the can fix it next time..

Corey Holems was 1st to Speak..
He Talk about his Faith and What he want to be when Football is over for him..

I can't wait for the Next Taping

I sure wish out of towners could have the opportunity to see shows like this. Too bad CHCH doesn't run this instead of your local cable station. And too bad there's only 3 episodes. Something like this should be on weekly, starting the week of pre-season and carrying on throughout the season. Maybe just a half hour each week highlighting two people on the team (player/coach).

Might help to attract fans if they could get a better understanding of who the players/coaches etc are on the team. In fact, maybe every team should do something like this.

Who is hosting the show this season?

The show is hosted by Don Edwards of Sports Apes Radio.

The first airing of Cats on Cable will be shown tonight at 7:00 PM on Cable 14 (a great lead-in to tonight's game!) Click here for more information.

Wish they show it in Burlington too

so its on channel 12 news channl right??

and is the game being shown on that chanel too? like the channel with the local news? sorry this is blitz gf i dont know much about this stuff lol i just wanna watch the game :slight_smile: oski-wee-wee

Cats on Cable is on Cable14 and the game is on TSN.

Game is on at 9
Cat on Cable is at 7