"Cats on Cable" is Back!

Hi All Tiger-Cat Fans,

I would like to personally invite you to join us for two tapings of "Cats on Cable" tomorrow night - Tuesday, July 25th. The tapings will take place at the Boston Pizza in Grimsby. (Take the Casablanca Blvd. exit in Grimsby, turn right on Casablanca and then turn right on the South Service Road. You can't miss it.)

The doors open at 6:00 and taping begins at 7:00. Seating is based upon a first come basis. As we are expecting a full house with limited seating it will be best to get there early.

Each session will last 1/2 hour. The scheduled guest players include Renard Cox, Tad Kornegay, Marwan Hage, Jyrkine Bradley, Terry Vaughn, Bobby Brooks, Jojuan Armour, Ray Mariuz, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morealle and Pascal Cheron.

Also scheduled to appear are Tiger-Cat cheerleaders and at least one mascot. Prizes will also be given away.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Thanks, Gerry.

Should be fun. I'll be there for sure.

Hi FG,

I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks, Gerry.

Ah... Grimsby.

The gateway to Binbrook!

Binbrook: The Land of Farmer's Daughters.

Will the Show Be on Cogeco in Burlington???
Last year it was not...

Hi OK,

It will be taped and produced by TVCogeco Niagara. It will be at the discretion of Cogeco in Hamilton and Burlington whether or not they broadcast it as well.

Thanks, Gerry.

I never missed attending the taping of one last year! :wink: I don't think I'll get down to one this year, cause it's just that much further than Philthy's! :cry:

For those who can attend...I highly recommend it... :thup:

I'd love to go.. but Grimsby isn't really accessible by public transit. I hope everyone who goes has a great time! :slight_smile:

Hi Tiger-Cat Fans,

Just a reminder that we hope to see you all tonight at "Cats on Cable" at Boston Pizza in Grimsby.

13 players are confirmed including special guests Terry Vaughn, Mike Moreale and Rob Hitchcock. Doors open at 6:00 and taping begins at 7:00.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks, Gerry.

would have considered if it was in the city
but Grimsby??? I don't think so,too far to go in this age of dollar plus a litre for gas

plus personally im not Boston Pizza fan

Why is the info on all these events always released last minute?

Wish I could make it there, but I have this really annoying thing called work. :wink:


Sorry you can't make it. It would be great to see you there.

Thanks, Gerry.

Yes Was a Great time..
You got See the Guys as People Tonight..

Thanks Onknight. Glad to see you had a good time.