"Cats on Cable" - A BIG Thank You!

Hi All Tiger Cat Fans,

It was great to see so many of you out last night at Boston Pizza in Grimsby for the taping of "Cats on Cable".

We had a very enthusiastic full house that also included SRO. That support was greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank the Hamilton Tiger Cats and specifically Rom Halverson, Director of Media Relations, for their support on this endeavour. Without all of Rom's efforts re. coordinating and recruiting players the show would not have taken place.

All of the players who came out were terrific. Great guys both on and off the camera. I would like to thank Tad Kornegay, Jykine Bradley, George Hudson, Marwan Hage, Ray Mariuz, Bobby Brooks, Jojuan Armour, Agustin Barranechea, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morealle and Mr. Terry Vaughn for their participation last night. All of them were accomodating for any picture or autographs requests that were asked of them.

The show will be broadcast on TVCogeco Hamilton but no dates have been confirmed yet. When those dates are confirnmed they will be posted on the website. Also, we are hoping to make it available on the website itself via webcast.

In closing I would just like to thank Ryan and his wonderful staff at the Boston pizza in Grimsby for their wonderful support last night in the production of the show.

Thanks, Gerry.