Cats Offence

Okay we signed Grigsby, Madu is getting better and should be ready for the Argo game on Saturday in Toronto, we have have good receivers but still no real deep threats outside of maybe Sinkfield and Banks and if we do, they should be made more available to play in the remaining games.

We have to open that field up and stretch the defence on the other team to open the play for our other receivers who currently are getting bunched up in the middle of field and on many routes ending up in the same areas, it's a big field in the CFL, let's open up the passing game, run on first downs gain 5 yards or so and open the field to passing, if we can try a few long balls to an open receiver the defence will play further back and open the field to the middle for guys like Fantuz, Tasker underneath.

GO CATS GO, Let's whip the Argo's Saturday!!!

With Grigsby taking first team reps on Day 1 and Fantuz spoken of as "unlikely" by the coach, I don't think there'll be much stretching of the field in Toronto, at least vertically. Sideways, there could be a lot. I wouldn't be surprised by a very different game plan that sees a lot of running with as many as 7 different ball carriers.