Cats need to keep stocking D line

trying to get tom canada was a great idea that just didn't work out. the tiger cats need to keep focus on shoring up the Defensive line.

next season: keep printers and lumsden and caully and don't spend on expensive recievers, just let obie pick up the scraps from wally's reciever cuts in B.C.

spend the free agent cash to bring back the steel curtain on defense and you will finally break the culture of losing in hamilton.
mosca style defense has always been the way to success at ivor wynn.
if printers needs to cover 10 fewer points per game, you get some wins.

This, and getting two additional go-to receivers, should be priority 1.

It would be great if we could resurrect the steel curtain. I think we are one linebacker and two or three monster D-Linemen short right now. But our secondary is awesome, and will get even better when Barker is healthy.

Right now there isn't that many holes to fill, just defensive end and left and right tackle, as well as defensive coordinator.

We'll be a force next year once those areas are addressed.

Well you can adress atleast 2 of those needs through the draft.