Cats need some tough defense

Did anyone notice how good AC looked last night for the Als. Yep when the coverage is close and the pressure on AC looked like Jason Maas.

It seems the Cats D makes every opposing QB look like a star.

We need continuity, close coverage, new blitz packages (notice BC’s corner blitz) and some hard hitting. We had some of that for two games.

Lets hope we see some this weekend.

we need more pressure on the QB because Nautyn McKay-Loescher is the only one that seem to actually record sacks or get pressure on the QB

so i would definately consider blitzing

Pinball has been chary of playing Bishop in last week's loss in Calgary, and coming off a broken wrist, there's some question as to how far you can chuck the ball accurately.

Great! So expect the Blue Men to throw a lot of "under" passes, or crossing routes, while complimenting these with running plays, more to Dorsey than Edwards (we should be good to cover these, its all we've done for 8 games!)

When Damon or Rocky come into the game (and it will happen!), expect a very different sort of planning

But blitz away at Bishop! He'll be vulnerable!

i thke the ticats need 4 new defense player

I hope Moreno and Armour rip Bishop in half.