Cats need new wallpaper!!!!

The Cats have a great site, the only negative I feel is that they havn't updated there wallpaper in 3 yrs.

Please get rid of Maas, and add newer players.

I've been waiting for years also... I agree add NEW Wallpaper... This is easy and inexpensive... We don't want just regular pictures from the net... Please add NEW Wallpapers ASAP... This could even be done on a weekly basis to keep up to date... Thanks...

We nice to have one with home away Dates on it .

How about we wait to see who actually makes the team before they start making wallpapers...

How about (at least) some wallpaper with the Cats logos on it, maybe even one with a copy of the sked.

It's true. That is one area of this site that has been sorely lacking since it's inception and there is no excuse for it.

There are Pretty safe Bets you could make Wall paper
Porter Baker Stripes Maybe a Logo one with Calender.
There players we know should be here.

Just another thought.

How about wallpapers of:











You get the point.

The Ticats Slogan this season is the Tradition Continues Right

with Make wallpaper with Player from Past on one side and player from today on the other Side
At the top Put the new Slogan Then as a Sample.
Ozzie on side Then Nick on the other Maybe with Full Schedule in a Bottom Conner

That's a good idea, get a star player or two from each decade from like the 50's to now and put them all on a wallpaper and the slogan: The Tigertown tradition continues

I thought so ...:slight_smile:

Great idea!!!

Just make your own … Then it will be just how you want it

Great ideas...

I totally agree... the logo with the yearly schedule is all they need. Sure we could make one, but you would think that management would jump on a marketing tool like that, and promote it. CBC used to do their own years back. Ie: ... paper.html

I may make one and post it here...others should do the same!


Does this work.... until the official ones come out?

[url=] ... ts2009.jpg[/url]

Don't laugh.. it took me

My PS skills are still in the embryo stage

What about our home town boy Peter Giftopoulos???

Please. :roll: