Cats Need Help!!

The Tiger-Cats are playing same old same old style of football at half time down 17-4 to Calgary. This team needs a kicker, Congi, Lauther both leave valuable points on the field and Hamilton has no deep threat wide receiver, we should have two solid wide receivers. Calgary scores two TD's in two minutes to Arthur and Price we have the ball 15 minutes score one point that stinks.

Hope it's a better second half or it will be another long game and a longer remaining season in the final games! just love starting threads , don't you?

Thin roster really bit here.

Grant, Stala, Jones and Fantuz (throw in a slow rookie) just isnt going to beat a good team. Missing Gig.'s speed. Have to stretch defense more.

King at safety was horrible.

What was your clue?

Um, interceptions and inability to score were big indicators at my end, you ?

I'm angry. Not because of the loss to Calgary, they are a good team and they deserved to win. I'm angry because no one on the team showed marginal improvement, other then maybe C.J. Gable, Eric Norwood, Josh Bartel (holy crap those were some high kicks) and Dan LeFevour who showed he can throw the ball.

Everyone else either played at par or regressed and it was clear that bad Hank has returned. I sincerely hope the players are looking into the mirror after this game, because I do not expect a win in Toronto if they play like that.

If they continue to play like last night I don't expect any more wins this season.

Is it possible Hank is hurt, but playing? Is it possible Hank needs contacts, or an up graded prescription?

Hank is snake bit when it come to playing Calgary, lets hope he get some serum before the next game. You can bet him and the coach will have several chats before the next game. :x

Same old cats a .500 team in rebuild 10year plan mode , flashes of greatness but still no cigar :cowboy: there is always next year new stadium new Era!

Re: Cats Need Help!!
by GeoffW ยป Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:42 pm just love starting threads , don't you?

I do,especially when it's constructive criticism from a concerned fan. What's your contribution to this site, mindless dribble??

Same old, same old, I agree, this team cannot beat the best teams because it's incapable of beating the best in the league and with all the hype this team needs a new attitude, a new direction all things you would think the team would be preparing for at the start of the season not towards the end, so I guess we just wait and see again what next year brings, because unless the players decide to change And play as a winning unit that wants to be the best and win, it's going to be maybe a playoff spot and out the door till next year, at this point a even a playoff spot is not guaranteed.

To be honest, being 500 doesn't bother me that much. So long as the team is consistently making it into the post season, that's a good sign, because anything can happen in the playoffs. Remember that playoff game vs Montreal two years back? No one expected us to win that one, and if not for an exceptionally cold and windy day in Winterpeg, we might have been in the Cup.

The next two games vs the Argos are going to tell a tale. I sincerely hope that the Ti-Cats at least split the series, because unlike Edmonton and Winnipeg, Montreal is by no means out of the race.