Cats need a team leader!!!!

The Ti-Cats need a team leader on the field above and beyond to pull all the rookies together and motivate the team to the next level.

Jason Maas can be a team leader, he was in Edmonton, but I believe that his concintration right now is just how to win a football game and get the offence going.

The team needs a shot of Rob Hitchcock back someone with experience and pride who can push the younger guys to perform at their peek. I'm sure in time this team will come around, I don't believe the present management and coaches will wait before the season is over to make any nessesary changes if needed to make this team better but it would be nice to see a leader on the field.

I could not agree more...Please start with the defensive line.We are awful there..Then just work your way back. I do see a lot of potential. Then again we had a lot of potiential last year. You see where that got us.

You mean like the leadership we had the last couple of years?