cats nee to draft Jason Armstaed

We do no need a QB. Although Joseph is a good one we should ratft Armstead.

you guys are gonna be solid this year....way to go- from an eskies fan

i think the tabbies should take joseph, although armstead would be good for you, and then trade him to sask who actually needs him for an allstar canadian o lineman plus a draft pick or something. that would help you guys keep maas from getting killed this year. i am sure danny mac would have appreciated the safety of an oline last year.

Your offense is like the "Eskimos East" now.... Maas, Cavil, Ralph, and Vaughn. I'm certain you guys will be challenging for the east division title.

2006 Grey Cup

Hamilton (Eskimo) Tiger- Cats vs Edmonton (Ticat) Eskimos :smiley: