Cats must learn...

After watching this team for so many years the one constant has been with the Tiger-Cats, the ability to maintain a lead, add to it and win a football game without having to be a nail biter finish?

Even when this team has had all the right components in place I cant recall too many blow out games where they took control from start to finish and kept the the other team to little or no score at all and pre-season doesn't count here, I'm talking regular season when it counts in standings? Not the 52 to 0 blow out against Winterpeg in the pre-season??

No doubt we have a young team, probably on paper the youngest in the CFL, lots of Rookies and Yes lots of injuries but a this team develops I would like to see the Coaches instill in these players to play a full game not just a first half of football and coast the rest of the way but a complete game, play hard, win and stay competitive in the standings.


The last time that this team blew out another team start to finish was ironically these same Eskimos last year 51-8.You are right though about the finishing the job,killer mentality problem.The Cats it seems always at some point in most games have the lead late in the game usually by double digits,only to eventually lose late or allow the other team to come back and win or barely lose the game,making the score much closer than it should be.Last night was a classic example of this.This team is young and will make their mistakes,but I think that once they get a few more wins under their belt,the killer instinct will follow.It is a learned process,and with time they will learn to play to win instead of playing not to lose.

I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that if you are ahead by less then 9, you may as well be behind as you are just one ref screwup away from being behind, or sending it to OT where it's anyone's game.