Cats Must Keep the Drive Alive!!!

The Tiger-Cats must keep the Drive Alive to Win, now that they are and healthy again, Yes this a young team but a good young team capable of beating any team in this league on any given day as long as they are motivated to win and keep going.

Kent Austin talked about having lulls in the game against Winnipeg but if injuries are No excuse to Austin, than Lulls should not be either, this team must learn to play 60 minutes of football and come away with a commanding lead and retain it, others do, other teams have beaten us in the past and by commanding leads why not the Tiger-Cats? Don't allow the other team back in the game once you have a lead!

A friend of mine is father in the United States was a legendary Admiral of the US Navy and he had a great slogan that the Tiger-Cats should use to motivate them to keep scoring in games "Hit hard, hit fast, hit often" soon became a byword for the Navy.