Cats must be loving Mac run at Vanier

I'm thinking that most Hamilton football fans are too busy watching Mac too be thinking about the Cats. Nice distraction from the mess at the pro level.

Mustangs aren't in and I'm sure Whitehead wanted to screw the Cats to play at Mac next year. Go Stangs, don't have much feeling for Mac to be honest. Whatever. :thdn:

And of course it was a Londoner, Therese Quigley, that got Macs football program back on track or else right now Mac would be nothing more than a nothing in CIS football.

But I digress of course.

Go Stangs! :thup: :thup: :thup:

And it seems to me like Mac is getting more attention than usual with the Ticats being out of it. Football fans in the area now seem to be supporting that team in town that has at least a decent chance of winning a national championship.

And the Ticats might like what they’ll see next week from top prospects that they could pick with that first pick such as DL Linden Gaydosh and OL Matt Sewell. Another top prospect, Calgary RB Steven Lumbala, will also play, but I don’t think this team is interested in drafting a running back.

Also playing for Calgary will be OL Carson Rockhill, a Ticat draft pick. The Ticats will want to see a good performance from him.

It would have been interesting to see Regina there instead, as they have top prospect Stefan Charles. And as I said in another thread, it would have been good to see Ron Lancaster’s grandson (QB Marc Mueller) make his return to town as a player.

But Mercer Timmis, great grandson of former Hamilton Tiger Brian Timmis, will be coming home.

Scouts from CFL teams such as the Ticats will be watching what should be a good game closely.

Support for Mac is up I'm sure but come on, even in that 7000 seater it wasn't packed today I noticed on TV.