Cat's may make more money in Guelph

Not sure what the Ticat's charge for tickets at Neverwin, but just went on Ticketmaster to get Tickets to their first game in Guelph and they have sold a lot of the 106 buck tickets. The average price for a ticket in Guelph is closed to 85 bucks. depending on their season ticket base, the Cat's should do alright in Guelph if they sellout, with game day revenue over 1.1 million.

You are right ! Ticket prices are double in some sections and more than double in other sections, so the 14,000 capacity is like 28,000 in revenue at I W S :thup: plus all the other revenue generated on game day :rockin: The concessions are actually better than IWS, more variety and a lot of food trucks in the festival area :thup: :thup:

plus the leaugue is giving them subsidies.....

Not to mention their cut of the broadcast rights revenue, though that won't go up 'til next year (I think).

and fees have to be lower since operating costs are lower.

Here is a Cool look at Alumni Stadium :thup:


What do you mean ( league subsidies )?

I'm not sure how that would be the case, given that the Cats had to pay to put up temp seating and will have to pay to take it down. That is unless you think the enitre bill is being handled by that $5 a ticket surcharge.

Also given the food trucks (which I love and I really hope they bring one or two a game to that patio area in the new pan am stadium) are likely taking a fairly decent chunk out of the concession revenue.

Anyone that renewed seasons tickets is paying the same as they paid during the last year at Ivor Wynne. Judging by the number of seats left for the first game, single game tickets are a little slow. Revenues will be substantially down this year.

That's funny, because I am paying more than last year, remember the big controversy a few months ago about paying higher ticket prices ??

Also, 14,000 people buy a lot less beer than 28,000 people. Unless they're charging $17 a beer they're not going to make that up.

There's a 5 dollar "facility fee" per ticket. That 5 dollar fee is on every ticket sold, whether season or single game.

For example, I bought a 5-game package for $100, all fees included. 5 Single game tickets in the same section would be $213.75. Anyway you look at it, season ticket renewals are significantly cheaper than single games. Revenue will be way less than last year.

Thanks for the link

There will be 10 000 less people, buying drinks, merchandise , food, parking and tickets as well. The high ticket prices may help off set some of that loss. But lets wait and see what the numbers bear. Still embarrassing for a pro franchise to be playing in front of 13 000. Hopefully they can sellout their new stadium for for years to come. Burris and company look very sharp and will be a tough team , come playoff time.

All the games are on weekends, it's a proven fact people drink more on weekends, people are happier own weekends, which leads to more spending. And people in Guelph sure like to drink :thdn:

Not enough to make up 10 000 a game. plus, some people will be driving back to Hamilton. Not everybody on the bus.

The Ticats played a Thursday night game last year at home. It was their only non-weekend game since at least 2010. To be honest, I got too lazy to check back any further. The Ticats almost never play home games that aren't on the weekend. I still fail to see how this year will provide anywhere close to the revenue of last year.

well unless those 13 14000 drink the equivalent of what 24000 or whatever the ticats average attendance was at IWS, i think they will lose some money this year for sure… pretty sure they lost money at IWS, moving to a stadium with less seating = obviously less people. less people = less money spent on beer,hot dogs, etc.

dont see how tthey could do anything but break even.

doubt they make 10 cents even… honestly, i think they will lose quite a bit of money playing there.

however, at least they have a place to play… not sure why they didnt go with skydome, probably rogers not allowing that but…

might have been a better choice, at least they have the ability at rogers centre to draw more then 13000 people

heck last game there were probably 8-10000 fans at RC, i honestly wouldnt be surprised if the cats drew more people then the argos would at RC.

perhaps one of the other reasons why they arent playing there.

The league is subsidizing the Ticats this year because of the temp stadium and smaller crowd. The city of Hamilton have to compensate the Ticats too since they don't have IWS available for them and the Ticats had a long term lease.

I give Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats a lot of credit in what they have endured in Hamilton with Politics etc. many other owners would have packed up long ago, especially with the stadium fiasco, what to do, where to build and than rebuilding the old Ivor Wynne, and being turned down to play home games at McMaster while your old stadium is being rebuilt?? Guelph won out and congratulations, it's a great City, good politics and supportive of the Tiger-Cats and a great home for the 2013 season! I've heard some cat fans complain about the drive of 45 minutes to Guelph but all in all pretty good, maybe those Cat fans who are upset should vote for the right politicians next time in Hamilton instead of some old cronies or fence sitting liberals!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!