Cats may make a draft day trade

I just have this feeling O.B. will want to move up in the draft this year to get a shot at some of that talent near the top. Maybe he'll trade with the Riders as they have two of the top four picks. That kicker Maver is a good punter and he may be gone if we wait for him at our present position.

I would not be surprised at all if we did something to move up into the first round.

If we did move up into the first round of this draft I would be very disappointed if we drafted a kicker. There is such much talent in this draft, skill position players, linebackers and defensive lineman. If we move into the top 5 we have a great shot at getting either Shomari Williams who will line up at defensive end in the CFL, Eddie Steele a defensive tackle or Taurean Allen, defensive back. I believe all three of these players will start and be impact ratio busters in the CFL.

Supposedly "multiple" teams have approached SSK .

It's a deep draft, there's no way i want to see us give up a quality player for a punter.

If you guys think a quality punter is not important you are very wrong. Would you prefer the opposing O be in good field position all game every game?

While that may be true, a punter is still not worth a first round pick. Every single one of the starting positions on offense and defense are more important than a punter. If you don't have a defense that can stop the opposing teams offense, or an offense that can move the ball, a punters net distance is the least of your worries. We need to continue to build on the talent we already have, and this is the best draft to do so. Besides, that punter from Saskatchewan should be available in the later rounds.

Why not let Obie worry about that?

I prefer the offence move the ball everytime we have the ball.

Setta had his best game of the year against Montreal, it was probably the best punting game by any punter all year in fact, yet we still gave up 45 points.

If we had a stacked team with no holes then I'd say go nuts and make this deal, but we're not that great of a team and teams will hold onto their first rounder like it's gold and not even close to whatever value they place on their pics.

When your punter averages five yards per punt less than the other team's punter and gets crappy hangtime, you can see what it can do to your team. It means you lose yards with every possession exchange basically due to your kicking game. Its far more impt than you give it credit for.

That has never been done and never will be done. You're not serious are you? It seems as though you live in some fantasy world. Even the best teams in history are nowhere near perfect.

Get Maver.Good punter and great FG kicker, the perfect backup for Sandy D.

This isnt the NFL draft, if we have a chance to get a starter at any position that can play for 5-10 years you do it.

I feel an other bone head give away to Skatch coming up. :oops:

Hopefully not another" bhg," but I too think something might already be arranged with Taman for their #4 pick and that the reported shift, this week, of USF QB Matt Grothe's name from our neg list to theirs could be part of the deal.

Maver, even by his own admission, is a much stronger punter than he is a kicker...He certainly would be nice to have as we don't have a punter and as insurance for Sandro as mentioned above. However, both the Argos and Stamps are in dire need and have worked him out...Both pick before us and IMO, if both pass on him it would mean neither team was overly impressed by him.

If they both pass on him, bully for them.I don’t think Obie care’s whether they think he’s good or not, that’s why he and his scout’s evaluate player’s on their own and not rely %110 on other team’s thought’s and/or draft ranking’s.

It's not like Maver is the only punter available. The Cats have worked out a couple of other Canadian kids and may be willing to wait to draft one of themm rather than trade up to pick Maver.

Maver is a great kicker, but maybe someone else can come in a do a good job if given the chance.

Taman the draft pick trader.... LOL ! Better hope OB is trading for the #2 pick cause Taman could very likely trade the #2 pick to someone else and OB would still not get his hands on Maver. Riderboard is red hot about tweets by Ken Miller that Taman is getting "multiple" offers for his pick and some of these offers are good and would be coming from Edmonton and Hamilton.

But on a more serious note, how does anyone know Toronto won't grab Maver ? If the guy is the real deal and he is on record saying he is interested in signing long term, why would Toronto not take him. They have ZERO kicker on their roster, doesn't that say anything about their possible intentions.

I don't think Obie cares either, but my point was that if both teams who have a greater need at K/P pass on him, he may not be worth drafting with our first pick as we have greater needs.