Cats make another key move.

Steve Milton Hamilton Spectator April 3 2007

An excerpt

"The new Ticat campus on the eastern edge
of this city's worst problem, its downtown,

kills many birds with one $4-million stone.

You can walk to and from downtown.

All the employees of the Ticats, MrX
and Lulu Canada will be in the core,

buying lunch and shoes and newspapers.

The alumni will have their own lounge,

and when this gets going in full swing
you can imagine running into Ellison Kelly
or Dale Sanderson, Joe Montford
or Big Ange when least expected.

You can buy tickets from a person
instead of a machine."

Another excerpt

"His [Bob Young's] investment in downtown
is an example to other money folks,

an enticement to join him
and his successful team.

In time, this may become Ticat Village,
luring other sports and marketing
oriented businesses to a depressed area."

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They're certainly making a KEY move today. Isn't today the day they take possession?

The building is already in possession of the Tiger Cats, Mark.

They are unveiling it at a News conference there today.

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The official opening is May 1st, I believe.

I can't express how pleased I am with this committment to our downtown which needs something like this very badly.

Thanks Bob!

It's a Great Move for the Little Team that Could... I had My Differences with Bob Young..
But I can Say He always put Money where his Mouth is.

I know he want a Winner as Bad as We fans Do..

I am looking forward to Camp and the Kickoff Party