Cats Loss is Unacceptable!!

The Cats loss to the Argo's tonight is totally unacceptable, once again we had offensive performance and special team but NO Defense, the defensive lineman should be ashamed of their performance a well as the DB's?

The Refs once again stunk but thats a given in the CFL, we could only complain about them every year so much, we know they get paid to favor the Argos!!

Great performance first half by Burris and Fantuz, once again lack luster performance in the third and fourth quarters, we had the Argo's on the ropes could have finished them off but No we kept them in the game even when their kicker went down?

I hope we will see this team win more than lose this season??

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too early to make a call like this. I'll be calling for heads if this is the same week 3.

The referee's did NOT cost us this game..That is an excuse fans of every losing team use...

Poor defensive execution is the main reason we lost.Frankly,it's the only reason because if we had stopped Toronto a few times any issues with the ref's would be non-factors...

Some ground yardage would help Gable is NO AVON, and imagine if we had CW in tonight at reciever to add a major weapon to take the heat of FAntuz!

Offence is not the issue...

The defence let the team down tonight...Full stop...

YEs the D is a work in progress for sure but I see more promise than last year keep the faith I don't like the fact we don't have a Ground game tonight

A ground game starts with an effective O-Line...We pass block and only feature the run as a change up...

It's great we feel this way, all out passion for the CATS and HATE for the ARGOS!!!

I still believe the talent is there on the D this year, all these rookies need is time and experience. The coaching is much better than last year, look at how many plays they did read well.

This game will be used as a great teaching film by Austin and Steinauer, for positioning, especially, for these young men. When they get that right, the big play burnings will diminish considerably.

Nevertheless, I hate a loss to the boatmen and will always agree it is unacceptable.

at least you got lamarr

Yes the D kinda stunk at times but if Congo had made the field goal we would have had a chance at a FG at the end of the game for the win.

The D better get a pass rush going soon.

Putting nine points on the board in the second half played a role. The Toronto D adjusted at halftime and the Ti-Cats just didn't respond.

Too many good things happened tonight to be upset. Now, you need to win games like that, but losing this one is no reason to flip out.

every other team in the league gets that PI call at the end of the game, whore spit that we didn't

:thup: +1

Darn right Gable is no Avon: Unlike Avon, there is at least one team in the league that wants Gable.

All I can say is that we managed to lose again. This time against a team with no kicker. More of the same. :cry:

You’re not suggesting that the game would have played out EXACTLY the way it did if he had made the field goal are you?
That’s ludicrous.
What cost us the game was the dropped screen pass at the end. 3 blockers and no defenders between the ball carrier and the goal line.
That was the game.

Or it could have been the dropped interception by Ryan Hinds @ 5:46 of Q4 that Toronto scored on immediately the next play.

There were at minimum 3, if not more realistically 5 plays of which any one of them could have cost Hamilton the game.

I've been still waiting to see what all the hype is over this Gable kid. In pre-season he only carried a few times and got stuffed pretty quick. Tonight he had one or two decent runs and caught a couple of red zone passes for TDs. But he hasn't exactly made an electrifying start. Especially with the surefire TD drop. We'll see if he matures to something better as the season progresses.

When you post 34 points in a game and lose, your defense didn't do enough. Yes, only 9 of those points came in the second half, but that will happen to every team. You're going to have halves where you are sputtering or the other team's defense is calling exactly the plays to shut you down. On the game, though, if you post up 34 points, you did your job as an offense. It was the task of the defense to hold Hamilton through the third and fourth quarters and it didn't.

Having said all that, you opened the season playing the defending Grey Cup champions in their own ballpark and took the game right down to the wire. A loss is always tough, but this type of close, hard-fought loss on a top team's turf is really not the end of the world. Good teams defend their home field and don't often lose there. It's not like you lost to the 3-15 Argos of a few years ago.

Neither Defence was good by any means. Both Ray & Burris put up solid numbers as far as completion percentage & yards with no turnovers. (64.86% vs 60.58%, 361 vs 368 yards, 3 vs 4 TD's)

The game came down to mistakes/missed opportunities. Toronto didn't have any dropped interceptions in the end zone or dropped screen passes with a clear path to the endzone. I really think its as simple as that.

Missed opportunities and mistakes by Hamilton. Not that Toronto played a perfect game, they didn't. Just less missed opportunities and less mistakes. It only takes one.

Overall, It was a +6 point game at the half and ended up a -5 point game at the end. An 11 point swing. Thats basically the clanked FG and the TD ... either Gable's drop or Hind's ... your choice.

To me it was like a heavy weigh bout back in the day. They traded knockout punches fast & furiously in the first half and may have actually punched themselves out! Then it was a war of attrition and Toronto proved to have the better chin in the end. Winning a GC will do that for ya. Hamilton can develop that chin as well! Win a few of those kinds of games and it'll become part of your character. I really think they'll get there!