Cats @ Larks - Sunday October 20th 1:00PM

Time to clinch a home playoff spot, and keep pace with the Blow team......

Go Cats Go!!!!

5 minutes to game time!

Great thread title!

Tiger-Cats 49
Alouettes 25

Giguere 2 TDs.

A little something for everyone…lol

That’s a bold prediction CK…

:rockin: :thup: :lol:

Lets lay a smackdown on Troy Smith today!!!! 4th starting QB for the larks this year....

Oskie Wa Wa!

Time to seal the deal for 2nd place for sure!! GO TICATS!!! EAT 'EM RAW!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

I almost posted the Thread title in Bengali…lol

THAT would have caused confusion for sure… :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'd like to see Burris go over 5000 yards today!!

Did I miss the memo, Is Greg Ellingson on the DL or a healthy scratch the past few weeks?

Me Too :rockin:

Als defense getting it done early,

Damn they good at blitzing!

Starting 2 and out is not gonna get that done!

Troy Smith.... meet Brandon Isaac!

The D came to play!!

Brandon Isaac with a huge hit on Smith, force a 2-0 on Troy Smiths first CFL drive!! :lol:

That’s quite a big day.

I’d settle for 400. :wink:

Als have started the same way. Way to go Isaac!!! :thup:

Windy conditions are likely going to come into play here today as well! Probably good that Congi is back in.

Well, the O seems to be in Hamilton still...

Cats aren't starting off well, they need to get their heads into the game.
Mental mistakes are killing them.

The Larks are 3-5 at home this year too, we look a little lost out there… :roll:

Lets not get torched by another rookie QB today 8)

Boy its nice not having to listen to RB calling the game today…