Cats Land WR Cary Koch

The Tiger-Cats were by far the most active in the first day of free Agency on top of all the other signings, the Cats signed Wide Reciever Cary Koch from Edmonton, good speed, good hands, should be a great addition to the offence this year and beyond.

Link from the CFL: ... -cary-koch

I always liked Cary and thought he would be a good addition to the Tiger-Cats with his speed and abilities.

He's not listed on the he an import or NI?

He is on there now,
Maybe they had to wait for his contract to clear thru the league.

He is an import

Wow, this is a huge signing. Koch is a battler, with speed and soft hands. Collaros to Koch sounds good to me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is he a similar player to Tasker?

My early impression is no.

I see Tasker as a guy who finds an opening, possession receiver with great hands and instinct. More similar to Ellingosn, IMO.

I see Koch as a speedster, streaking fly and corner routes.

Love both of them.

Bye, bye Bakari.

I must admit that I am a big Bakari fan. Dude is one TOUGH SOB.
Maybe trading a different receiver would garner a bigger return because I am fine with BG.
26 years old
Plays hard every week
947 yard last season
All spells KEEPER in my books

Bakari Grant is not going anywhere. He is an incredible receiver.

We are finally getting quality depth at the receiver position. There is no reason to trade any of these guys. They are all starter-calibre. Now we will not miss a beat if the starters get injured, plus the starters will always be pushed into giving their best every down due to the competition behind them. And we can rotate different receivers in and out in different games to throw new wrinkles at teams, or take advantage of weaknesses that Condell sees on film.

i'd keep bakari grant on the roster for the sole purpose of defending against onside kicks... awesome receiver with great height and hands

So what are you basing this on Captain.....this Bye,Bye Bakari???? The fact that Koch and Bakari both wear the same #84 ??? :lol:
IMO if someone loses their job,due to the Koch signing,my money is on most likely Onrea Jones as the victim,which would be a shame cause I like Jones,who I consider a classic "fly under the radar" selfless type of team player.Unfortunately Jones also returns punts.....and so does Koch,not to mention that Austin brought in Tasker mid season and at the end of the season Tasker took Jones spot on the roster,playing both play-off games and the Grey Cup,while Jones didnt even dress for any of them.

After reviewing much of the media on the CFL and Cary Koch signing with Hamilton and I agree that Bakari Grant will remain with the Ti-Cats because of his unique abilities and size, like Justin Dunk of the CFL said having Cary Koch with his speed and catching abilities just opens the door more for players like Fantuz, Ellingson, Tasker, Grant and so on and I agree we needed a player or two who can stretch the field of play with speed, something we greatly missed last year without CW?

I agree with your every word here. The job goes to the faster, younger guy with likely not much separating the pay cheques.

Onrea Jones is the odd-man out.

8) I'd be willing to bet that free agent signing, Cary Koch is making a substantial amount more money than Onrea Jones is !!
  Just look at what they are paying Craig Butler ($150,000 per season), and he is Canadian.

   All these free agent signings don't come cheap !!

At the moment the Cap doesn’t mean that much.
A team has to be Cap compliant on Dec. 31, 2014
Cap issues can be managed at training camp or releases before Labour day,
9 game injury list, and other creative measures.
The current CBA expires the day before training camp and it is the consensus that the Cap will go up
We are real deep with our NI’s so some import OL and DL signings would be cost effective