Cats known by first name only

Another thread i[/i] mentioned a couple of former Ticats who became so legendary that fans universally recognize them by their first names alone. I thought that is a subject worthy of its own thread. Here's some ideas:

Grover: Because the stadium announcer always used to draw out the "Grrr" after a big sack

Rufus: So well known he used it (along with "Baby") as the title of his book

Garney: the one and only



Tommy Joe :wink: ...emphasis on first names (plural) LOL

Additional "candidates":

Earl (Winfield)

Rocky (DiPietro)

Less (Browne)

Ang / Angelo (Mosca)

Ben (Zambiasi)

Hal (Patterson)

We've had various Angelos and Benjamins from time-to-time, but certainly when I hear "Angelo" and "Ben", I instantly associate Mosca and Zambiasi. The others I would argue are distinctive and ring bells for a lot of folks. :wink:

"Bernie" would be associated more with Faloney, but Ruoff would get some consideration. "Hal" might get "Pal Hal" (Ballard) as much as Patterson. Other stars of the team with distinctive names would include Zeno (Karcz),
Ellison (Kelly), Troy (Davis), Billy Ray (Locklin), and Bronko (Nagurski)

Note that "Danny Mac" is not one given name and "Danny" alone wouldn't necessarily resonate because Danny Mac became McManus's famous handle, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


Also "Bernie" re Bernie Custis of course!

One more thought - I understand Ang, Ben, and Hal are nicknames, if we want to get technical. Ozzie is Osbaldiston's nick derived from his surname. If we widen the field, these would have to be right up there.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hitch is a great handle and one of the all time greats in my book.

That would be last though :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, there is only one Wally, right?

Jesse (Can't believe no one listed him yet, with all the buzz around his attempted comeback.)

And then there are Auggie, Prechae, and DJ.

So are we talking about just players who are often referred to by just the first names, or are we also including those who are usually referred to by their last names but if mentioned by their first names, everyone would know who it means? For example, the first group would include players like Garney, Tommy Joe, Earl, Rocky, Jessie, Auggie, while the second group might include Chuck, Ben, Casey, Tony.

8) "Hal" might also get you, Hal Waggoner, Russ.
   But that's just for us old timers !!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Well at least we had Pal Hal for Ballard and Prince Hal for Patterson, serves to distinguish them.


But...........isn't that his last name? (Unless III is his last name?)

Now there's a running back and blocker we could use today.
I thought of him right after Garney, but when I checked Wickepedia turns out that wasn't his first name

By the way, Carlton Chester just doesn't do it for me.
Carlton Chester "Cookie" Gilchrist

Oskee wee wee

Zatylny or Gabler? :smiley:

Dan, you are right, somehow "Lookie Lookie Lookie, here comes Carlton" does quite cut it! :smiley:

As might another great “Bernie” from the early days – Custis. Also, among the first decade Ti-Cats who might qualify for this list, were Gerry, Cam, Zeno, and either Vince might have made the list, but there were two of them at the same time.