Cats in Ottawa Friday

Betcha YOW blitzes 8 almost all night
Betcha KA and TC have not made any plans to counteract this
Betcha most Cat plays in the first quarter take more than 5-6 seconds to almost develop
Betcha they have poor ol' Zach trying to work from a pocket most of the game
Betcha there are no more than 10 running plays all game (including 3rd and 1s)
Betcha KA is outcoached

Betcha Let’s hope not and Betcha the Cats Win, because they need to!!

If the OL can't make holes, I don't want them to run a lot. But they need to figure out a Fantuz-free way of making teams pay for blitzing. If they do try to run more, I am wondering if Carter should be on the game roster instead of one of Madu/Grigsby. Any back is limited without good blocking but Carter is a load. If they find a gap in the blitz, he may be able to do some damage on their DBs.

Betcha you are wrong on 5 of 6 points :slight_smile:

In the first meeting when Collaros was injured and LeFevour was getting his first start, Ottawa blitzed almost every play and LeFevour was able to rack up over 100 yards rushing and almost won the game by himself. With Colloros not a runner and the Ticats giving up the most sacks in the league, there is no doubt that Ottawa will blitz every play.

BTW heading out in an hour to hit Ottawa for the weekend Go Cats Go!!!!

They already have one. It's called Tasker.

What worries me about this game is the weather forecast. Mix of rain and snow and we won't run the ball.

Looks like the only Ti-Cat line-up for this game is the return of Laurent with Johnson off to the PR from where, to make room for him, Rockhill has been shifted to the Injured List. That's the least change between consecutive games for the club this season.

Have you even watched a game he's played in?

LeFevour ran a lot. But in half a season, Collaros is third in the league in QB rushing behind only LeFevour and Reilly. I think of Burris as a good rusher but Collaros has more running yards than Burris in many fewer games.

All that said, I do expect Ottawa to blitz a lot. I also expect that the Cats will respond.

i'll be interested to see if they throw deep like last game :thup:

hopefully Zach Attack has better accuracy this time.

I hope someone, within the TiCats’ organization has, as part of his/her duties, reading and listening to the local sports media in the cities of the upcoming opponents. And, that this Wednesday article was passed on to Coach Reinebold:

[url=] ... ays-abound[/url]

may as well try to make it entertaining for the fans

Nice to say, what you putting up?

Emphatically incorrect....

That distinctive honour belongs to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Got nothing to put up but my low opinion of our offensive coaches. Yeah, they're better than me, but they're not as good as others.

Too bad that Rod Black is NOT doing the play-by-play tonight. I was looking forward to “catch made by Luke Tasker, son of NFL great Steve Tasker”
But Glen Suitor is the colour guy so expect the non-stop incessant chatter and maybe another heart warming story about how Luke Tasker’s dad calls him before each game and inspires him.

Nice story about Tasker

[url=] ... es-tasker/[/url]

Sounds like it will be a cold and possibly wet one in Ottawa tonight. Temperatures between 3C-5C with the chance of rain between 30-60% depending upon which weather service report you look at. Not too windy though with winds only around the 10 - 12 km/hr range..

I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing the Cats in person for the first time in many years. Should be a special night, and I won't mind the weather one bit.