Here are the Ticats who made the CFL Media Poll published in the National Post today.

"The Worst Interview" - Jesse Lumsden 4th place

"Player Who Rubs You the Wrong Way"
- Casey Printers 1st place

"Worst CFL Road City" - Hamilton 1st place

The National post is a Joke
I like Global and Mail Better


I have always Like Globe Better
The CFL Coverage is Better IMO
The Writing is better it not so one sided.

Can’t stand the Glob & Mule myself. Too much of the CBC’s self-righteousness for my taste.

My order of preference: Nat’l Post, Sun, Star, G&M. The CFL coverage in all the papers has improved in the last few years as the stability and credibility of the teams and league have improved.

An Argo-Cat fan

Link to this?