Cats Hire Steinaeur as New DC

Do the Argos have any potential free agents on D who would now be attracted to coming to Hamilton as a result of Steinauer getting hired here?

I stand to be corrected but I believe Evan McCollough is their only DB set to become a F/A

Alan, Orlando has a minimal amount of experience as a DC (12 games), not even as much as Creehan or Chamblin got. His ability as a DC, as such, remains to be seen.

Okay, you are confusing me now. You want someone with experience and ability. You know you aren't supposed to take a DC away from another team, so that leaves assistants that you are looking at. So, OS does have experience so he actually does meet the criteria you set out if you want to "poach" someone from another team.

^^^ I think he means experienced DCs, and that less a season is not 'really" experienced enough, and that as far as Hamilton DCs go, here we go again with a relativity unproven, young DC .

At least that's how I interpret old fan.

What I like about the Steinauer hiring is that he will have intimate knowledge on how to beat Jones' strong D that won them the Grey Cup by exploiting his knowledge of the Stamps' systems.

Jim Daley has more experience a DC, but Steinauer has that inside knowledge of Jones' D.

That is what I would like to know as well. Like others i'm not a fan of a rookie DC....again. However I do know Orlondo has the tools, he relates well and has the ability to teach and motive. He has done so at every level he has coached so far. Is he ready to be a DC...who knows. As a fan I want to see him succeed and will watch him grow into the job. I just hope he is here more than one year. I hope our entire coaching staff is here more than one year.

Welcome back to Hamilton, Orlondo. I wish you every success in your new job with the Ticats. I look forward to your enthusiasm, good relationships with players, and some new approaches.

Happy New Year and all the best as our new DC.

BTW, I'm glad Kent Austin has appointed the main coordinators early. This is a good sign that we'll be well staffed in good time before FA season gets underway and training camp opens. Of course I have confidence in Kent's judgment about his staffing choices, but personally I do hope Jim Daley and Ozzie are back in the special teams area.

Just watched the video of Steinauer on the website. I'm impressed. He may not have a ton of experience, but he's not a neophyte either. If the team was going to go with someone who wasn't a long-time DC, I'm glad they went with Steinauer. Reaction from players seems to be positive (Dee Webb and Kevin Eiben are all for the move, at least according to their comments on Twitter), so I suspect Steinauer will get every opportunity to be successful. Good hire.

[b]"^^^ I think he means experienced DCs, and that less a season is not 'really" experienced enough, and that as far as Hamilton DCs go, here we go again with a relativity unproven, young DC .

At least that's how I interpret old fan."[/b]

Thank you, Captain. That was exactly my point.

I'll take the same tack I am taking with Austin: wait until Labour Day 2013, then I'll have a reaction to both hirings.

Well Austin's first test will be signing the PILE of free agents left behind by Obilovich there is five weeks left to free agency and the Ticats have like 15 free agents...

Speaking of Obilovich is he still alive ? He's some quiet...

Not sure why the Tiger Cats will use the DC as the training ground for an uproven assistant is beyound me. Steinauer may be able to provide some fancy defensive schemes. The only problem is he has little if no talent to work with. Creehan may have been successful if the talent level was there in camp. We vall know how that worked out. I thought KA would have brought in an American College DC who was proven instead of another unproven. One thing is for sure, lack of talent and great schemes do not work. I certainly hope Steinauer will be a diamond in the ruff..........

Another reason to sit back and take a year off after all these years of season tickets and watch them on my 3000$ HDTV Panasonic plasma ,Tier 2 for me ! I am definitely not even taking a 5 pack now it will be a 10 pack at home in my Lazyboy chair! This signing is another example of the Mitchell Era and all the F*** UPS along with the " 10 year Plan. :thdn: :lol: here's to our new ROOKIE D co-ordinator :rockin:

I said about a month back in diffrent forums that this was the guy i wanted!! Great move for the tabbies!!! :cowboy:

Um, Steinauer’s been a DC before. If a team hired Greg Marshall to be a head coach, would he be a rookie head coach? Steinauer has more experience as a DC than Marshall has as a HC.

TSN has confimred this...

AMILTON, Ont. -- Orlondo Steinauer is going back to Hamilton.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats hired Steinauer as their new defensive co-ordinator Thursday. Steinauer spent four seasons with the CFL club as a defensive back (1997-2000), helping the Ticats earn their last Grey Cup title in '99. video

Love your enthusiasm ... please stay home.

I think Steinauer's a good addition to the coaching staff. His problem will be that he's probably still the best DB on the team. :twisted:

An Argo-Cat fan

I hope this works out...

I can see some merit in this as Steinauer might be able to help the Secondary,as that has been our greatest weakness for a long time on the defensive side of the ball...

But, I can't help but think from past moves by this clueless front office,that:

1.Steinauer comes cheap...

2.This seems like the front office throwing more poop up against the wall desperately trying to see how much,if any,will stick...

Another rookie Defensive Co-Ordinator,no matter if he played with us during the last time this team was good for an extended period of time,is not what's necessary...

As usual,the front office of this team does little or nothing to instill any confidence in me...