Cats Hire New "President".

Scott Mitchell.

This is as good a time as any for someone from the front office to explain what exactly the "president" of the team does, what will Mitchell's function be.?

As with Sauve the job title was never really explained and the team still functioned without the post after Sauve quit.

I agree. What does this President do? At least he comes from Alberta! That’s a good start.

doesnt the GM handle roster changes and contract talk and stuff, while the prez overlooks both the on and off-field ( overall accounting and stuff )aspect of running an organization?

He/she also makes sure the package gets sent to Germany...

:D :D :D

(Props to the FedEx people for their ads :wink: )

Oski Wee Wee

What does any CEO or President do in a organization or buisness?

They are incontrol of the entire organization and sign of on all the decisions.

I can assure you Sauve wasn't in control and didn't sign off on any decisions. Heck he didn't even get paid.

Mitchell, joins the Ticats to oversee all aspects of the organization.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity
to be part of the Ticats organization,?

said Mitchell.

“We have a lot of goals on both the football
and the business side to accomplish


I’m looking forward to working with this talented staff
to tackle these challenges.?


Dave Sauve was paid a salary but
he donated it to charity, jake.

I know :slight_smile:

The President causes problems for Jack Bauer to solve.

Don't forget, Season Premiere this Sunday.

"we're running out of time!"

Jack Bauer??? How about Chuck there is a real man

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door

Mitchell's interview with CHML

interesting listen

scottm (same guy?)

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like the Caretaker has hit another home run with Mitchell. Sounds bright. Good pedigree. No nonsense answers.
Good things continue to unfold with the Tiger Cats. I live in hope.

Not sure what he does but at least one person in the office feels Mr. Mitchell is subordinate to him.

Note how he is addressed throughout his profile shown on the 'front office' page on this site. Somebody from the 60's must have prepared it.

Fix it somebody! At least one 'Mr. Mitchell' please!

Wow, you are right .. sounds like a totally qualified guy to me

Congrats to Scott

The City of LA had to change the name of Jack Bauer Avenue because too many jay walkers were getting killed. Remember, nobody crosses Jack Bauer and survives.

As for the TiCat prez, if the Caretaker had anything to do with it then we should all trust in the decision.

Welcome aboard to the new President…Good Luck in 2007.