Cats have no Large jerseys at the store!

I drove down there to get one made up and they don't even know why or how the next shipment will arrive. :unamused:

:sunglasses: Come on now Garney, all you have to do is lose 20 lbs and a medium will fit you fine :crazy_face:

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I wish! I'm 6'3" 250. I was a medium in high school!

I'm 6'1" 245 and I find XL fits me best...

maybe that's to build some room for cold refreshments at the game.

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No wonder the concourse is so crowded. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well they are coming from China and all the factories have had supply issues and or been shut down from time to time as of late

Do they come from China?

…pretty sure they’ll know why it arrived

EVERYTHING comes from China|3|0|fm2|7_0|ER-B|newes|7_0.#s1-0-1;searl|3425758458:4

YOU WANT CHINESE JERSEYS...I will show you Chinese jerseys.

And $33.00 off coupon seems available.

Try DH Gate.....

The store must be going crazy telling everyone they only have little people jerseys!

Maybe this means redesigned jerseys are in the pipeline?

Not so far. They just can't get them from the supplier. They don't even know whats going on.