Cats have Johnny Manziel rights.

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Who knew?

I remember hearing we had his rights last year, but really, why are still hanging onto them? The guy’s a train wreck.

Anyone who's been paying attention.

The more pertinent question is, "Who cares?"

A girl fighting,drug addicted, alcoholic party boy. No Thanks.
Trade his rights to MTL for next years 1st round pick, they would take him in a heartbeat!
Oh wait! MTL traded their 1st pick to BC for the rights to Vernon Adams. :wink:
Make it the 1st round 2017. :rockin:

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Ticats GM Eric Tillman says his club has Johnny Manziel's #cfl rights but have no discussions with him or his people

Rick Moffat ?@RickMoffat 2m2 minutes ago
"I believe in giving people 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances." @PoppJim on #CFL commish keeping door open for #JohnnyFootball.

.... and, MTL had Michael Sam's rights. Like then, "Count" me in with "Floyd" on this news.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Manziel comes to the CFL, he will be playing with either Montreal (due to Popp's tendency to sign guys who have big NFL names, to generate fan interest/sell tickets. Think Chad Johnson and Michael Sam. Plus, the Als have a crapshoot at QB behind Glenn), or with Toronto (mainly due to that club needing to do anything to sell more tickets, and Ray being hurt all the time/Kilgore stinking out the joint).

Having his rights will benefit us eventually, when those rights are traded. And they will be traded. There is no way this kid is allowed to play for the Ticats, with his serious baggage.

This item was mentioned on TSN's, "Pardon the Interruption", yesterday. They talked about how the CFL commissioner was happy about the interest this story was creating for the league. How unlikely they think this is to happen.

Interesting how the hosts referred generically to quarterbacks in the CFL as "game managers". Trying, I think, to give them a negative spin. Perhaps, they are unaware that ESPN is a minority owner of the network (TSN) that is the broadcast rights holder for the games in this same league.

Tiger cats were not mentioned at all, as the owners of Manziel's rights here.

Trade the rights to Toronto.

drop him and add a legit neg list player

Ticats held the rights to Tim Tebow in 2012 before trading them to Montreal. He went back to ESPN rather than report to the Als

They only thing I could see Johnny Football doing in Hamilton is partying at Hess village. I saw him play in Buffalo a few years back. No thanks he is not a pro football caliber QB.

There's truth in that, though. The cowboy days of QBs like Flutie and Dunigan are gone.