Cats have a good chance to pull off an upset Fri/Night in BC

Lets get ready to RUMMMBLE..
Our Cats have a good chance to pull out a win Friday night in BC.
With Lulay out for the season...Jennings pos not starting after
being hurt in the last game they played.
That means BC has to start their 3rd stringer..
Dinner time for our Defence.
Now if we can get our Offence to forget about last weeks loss
and get Masoli running the ball early, to upset the BC Defence
along with Gable...
I feel good about our guys pulling off a win.

Jennings is the starter for this game.

But yes we have a great chance at winning this game.

No one gave us a chance against Toronto, Ottawa or Sask. Given the above, if the D plays like they did in the 2nd half last week, we have a good chance to win.

Jennings has not been slated as the starter for this game, as of this morning.
Even if he does get the start...
No one can tell the back of his mind he will not be thinking about our
They looked and played a very great game last week, and kept our guys in it,
even after 5 turnovers...til the end.
Hats off to them.
Now lets get the Offence rolling and this game could be ours to win.

As has been noted above, this game comes down to the Cat's D vs. BC O and Jennings. I believe the D can keep BC, even with Jennings at QB to 20 points. Bazzie is a nice addition to the BC D but the Cats should be able to put 23 points up against them.

go cats go

8)Dinner time against their 3rd string QB you say ?? ::slight_smile:

Right, just like we feasted on Brandon Bridge last week !! :frowning:

Whenever the Cats play against either a rookie QB or a 2nd or 3rd string QB, that usually spells
disaster for the Cats, and that opposing QB has a field day !! :-[

Alex Green replacing CJ Gable at running back this Friday. CJ has an injured shoulder

Ticats will NOT beat BC in BC. After this loss , we might see Collaros getting more reps at practice for an eventual start this season to see what he can do for at least a few games . Then the decisions will be easier to make . If Collaros falters , that does not drop his trade value as the argos etc will just figure it's because he's with a horrible team and that he can again play like he did in 2015 with a better offence.

I hope they win but it doesn't look good, They've been beaten and beaten solidly by 2nd and 3rd string QB'S before.
BC Is so much better everywhere else, next man up so they say.
I have to question many of Hamilton's Personal decisions.
Now The people are demanding a Colleros trade, which is not the answer.

So much optimism amongst TiCat fans. If victory was based on fan support, we'd be 2-8 on season....... oh wait, we are 2-8!

We will lose the BC game with Masoli at centre. Collaros will replace him for the Argo game
and we will win the remaining games.

Perhaps another reason for the Pass at the end of last game.
Alex Green is a very good RB

June Jones on Alex Green

“I watched him play for two years because I watched all the Hawaii games. and I went back and watched the pre-season he had here and he’s a football player,? Jones said. “We’re lucky because I think C.J. and Alex can play in any league."

The Cats hit Ottawa at the right time with Harris going down in the 2nd quarter and going against their backup and then almost pulling it out against the Riders with their 2nd stringer.
Good chance against Jennings who looks like a 2nd or 3rd stringer right now.

If we play Masoli at center the team will have to change the ratio again. ???

8)I was very impressed with Alex Green in training camp also
Was disappointed when he was released !!

Cats were lucky to be able to get him back now !!

You know what I mean.(the QB on the centre)

I mean (QB over the centre)

its usually "under center" but the less mental pics of our QBs getting buried this year the better.

According to Vegas the Cats don't have much of a chance. +12.