Cats have a chance to tie Toronto for 3rd spot...

It's a big big game Saturday for our Cats...
Sask should blow-out the hated Boatman on Friday,
and B.C. should beat the Bombers as well. (fingers-crossed)
Maas has always played well against Edmonton...even in last years horror-show.
With our guys starting to really come together as a team, a win in Edmonton would put the Cats..right back into the hunt.
The weather is calling for heavy heavy rain for this contest....
So all I can say is RUN JESIE RUN. :thup:

The past couple of year's we really were out of it by this time. The East is really bunched up, this year we could win a few games and we're in first place.

exactly mikem…
And no we are not dreaming for saying it.
I think our Cats with all the changes this season…are very much for real. ( no same old same old ) this year.

lol thats how sad this league is, a 1-5 team still has a shot, gotta love it lol

If you find it "sad", then why are you even a fan?