Cats Going with Two Glenns against BC

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Good for him - hard work pays off. It looks like Bauman is getting a start on the wideside with Mann and Thorton on the short. I’m assuming McDaniel will get limited time and Bruce gets another game off.

Unfortunately, Uncle Milty got it wrong about MacKay. He was dressed for game 7 when the Cats played out in Winnipeg. To say they've waited to get him into uniform in the last regular season game is wrong.

Finally!This kid's impressive and i'm glad to see he's getting a chance to make some noise.Good luck kid :thup:

In addition to MacKay, we're likely to see Willie Thornton get some action at wideout, while Mann may play more at slot this week. Those moves could provide some interesting viewing. Coming off last week's 46 -- Bo Smith, Fish, James, Lankster, and the two injured Matts (Carter & Kirk). Added, in addition to MacKay and Thornton will be Shivers, Hebert, Heyward, and someone, yet to be named, who'll take the reserve spot vacated by Reid, who'll dress to replace Kirk.

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I was very impressed by McKay in pre-season

And guys like McKay are another reason why I prefer the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

I’m glad to here Shivers is coming back, man do we need him.


It'll be good to have Shivers back. I'm not a big fan of him, but we needed him after the Smith injury. But I wonder how much of Lankster we might see on Saturday.

I figure Stala and McDaniel will get enough time to reach their 1000 yard milestones, but not much more than that.

I also expect Glenn to play about a half. The offensive line has done a good job limiting the number of hits he has taken and Glenn has a quick enough release to keep himself from taking hits. This game can be considered a glorified practice, and we'll see if Glenn and the starters we'll rely on will look sharp and ready. And the backups will get their chances.

It'll be interesting to see the depth chart.