Cat's first priority....sign Holmes!

Now we're in the process of building for next year and the future. Our top priority should be signing Holmes to a long term contract.
It isn't hard to see that we've really been struggling at QB. That position is vital in this league. Without a solid pivot, you're going nowhere in the CFL. Next, should be bringing in some O line tackles. This has been a real weakness for us.
So scouts.....earn your keep. :cowboy:

It will never happen with the Hamilton Hottie in town. A marketing favorite over a star rb thats sounds familiar! Remeber our all time leading rusher a Mr Troy Davis :thup: Holmes is gone in 2007 100% Canadian Hottie will prevail.

Hate to tell you Cats99, but Marcel Desjardins has already said that he believes signing Corey Holmes is a top priority for next season and Corey Holmes has expressed his interest in staying here. Personally, I am thrilled to hear both these things.

i'd love to see them wait and sign after the dispersal draft... lolthat way they dont have to protect him.

(have a deal worked out previously though....)

Problem with that he'd be Free Agent

Holmes is that good ,but injured alot. Doesn't seem to me to be good long term value at his age....

Good deal to add to a contender for the short term though.

Drafting a good O lineman that can play Tacle as in the mold of Wayne Smth would be a priority to me.

I heard the same Caitleag.
I hope with all my heart that we sign him A.S.A.P. Corey weather you believe it or not 100% of real Ticat fans want you to be with this organization next year and in the future. pat_cat

re-our all time leading rusher a Mr Troy Davis --- take away his yardage against the args who dont care if you run on them , what are his stats then ??? id like to know :cowboy:

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday's Spec:

[i]Lumsden's decision to sign with the Cats for the rest of this season
and next gives the bengals a terrific backfield trifecta for next
season. But that will only play out if the Cats can re-sign running
back Corey Holmes, who becomes a free agent after the season, and Josh
(Supersonic) Ranek returns to the form that made him a league standout
with Ottawa the previous three seasons.

Desjardins is hopeful the Cats' can convince Holmes to remain before
this season concludes.

"That's our intent, it is just a question of whether we get it done in
time or not."[/i]

Today's Spec but yesterday's interview.

[i]The CFL's trade deadline is Tuesday.

"Teams are interested," Hamilton general manager Marcel Desjardins
said yesterday. "At this stage, the fact that he's hurt doesn't help
the situation. But it's also nothing long-term -- he will definitely
give somebody a boost for the rest of this year and the post-season."

Saskatchewan, the team that traded Holmes to Hamilton in April, could
be in the market for his services because it still hasn't filled the
void left by his departure. Edmonton and Calgary might also be

It is believed the Ticats opened contract talks with Holmes shortly
after his arrival in May, but the gap between the player's financial
demands and the team's budget has been wide. Holmes, through his
agent, is believed to be seeking significant money up front.

"We don't want to lose him for nothing," Desjardins said. "My first
choice is, obviously, to try to re-sign him. But right now, the
likelihood of that isn't real great."

Holmes was not available for comment yesterday as the Ticats prepared
to host the Edmonton Eskimos tonight at Ivor Wynne Stadium. He has
been placed on the injured list with a knee injury suffered earlier
this month against
Toronto, and could miss at least another week.[/i]

Somewhere between the two interviews Desjardins goes from trying to re-sign Holmes to openly stating he's being shopped.

Strange days.

Somewhere between the two interviews Desjardins goes from trying to re-sign Holmes to openly stating he's being shopped.

Strange days.
All part of the negotiations, all part of the process!!

Stay tuned to see who blinks...

Hope he stays.. a solid player and even more solid individual..


As much as I think Holmes is a very good player, I'm leaning towards the idea of trading him. It sounds like he wants big coin and we seem to have some other decent/good players in similar positions. Lumsden did well last season...Davis looked pretty good tonight, Ranek is still a punishing RB. Kalil Hill was great last season returning punts and kick offs and Fowlkes looked amazing tonight.

So maybe we trade him now for something we desperately need. If we don't trade Holmes, who do we trade? And for what?

I think trade Holmes for a good underneath receiver. Like Terry Vaughn was up till 2003. You've got speed in the receiving core, but you're lacking in the adgility department.

They should sign Holmes, and cut Lumsden, 3 RB is enough, they dont need a 4th RB.

Holmes is gone. If they do not trade him, which I am sure they are trying to do, he will nto resign in Hamilton. (althought I wish he would). Probably, the biggest reason is the so called fans. Who wants to play in a town where the fans prefer to be miserable!