Cats final 2 weeks play-off scenario

In a nutshell,here it is for the Cats,they MUST win next week's rematch or they could end up in 3rd place.A victory next week and we can finish no lower than 2nd place,with an outside shot at still being 1rst.In order for that shot at 1rst we need to win our last 2 games and hope that Tor losses both theirs.Realistically,I can't see the B.B.'s doing us any favours and really can't see them defeating the NOTS,so really 1rst is a really,really long shot right now.Even if we do lose again to the Al's we can still wind up in 2nd place,but only if we defeat the B.B's and the Al's lose to the NOTS on the last week of the season.I for one do NOT want to cheer for the NOTS at anytime,but what scares me about this is if the NOTS have clinched 1rst place already,there is a good chance that they will be resting their regulars in that final game.Let's hope and pray that the Cats have learned from their mistakes,and come out this week mentally and physically prepared for the rematch,because a win insures us of a home play-off date,and not having to cheer on the NOTS in their final game.I would hate to see the Cats end up in 3rd this season and have to travel to Mtl for the semis.The thoughts of possibly seeing an Mtl/Tor East final this season makes me want to toss my cookies.So come on Cats!!!!A win and your in(home play-off date)Make it happen this week,and the last week really won't matter!!!!Don't make us cheer for the NOTS......Pleeeeeeeeeze!!!!!

Another game like yesterday and it's the dreaded return to Montreal on the 9th of November.

As big of a poop that was had yesterday by the team in MTL, we will rebound next week I have a feeling we will win the last two games, finish 10-8, then come out completely flat and unmotivated in the EDSF vs. the larks in Guelph......

As much as I hate to say it, First may be unattainable at this moment...... :cowboy:

Only way the Cats have a shot is for this weeks games to end up......B.B.'s win over Tor,in Tor....and us to rebound and knock out the Al's spiralling them into a 3rd place finish.The B.B.'s pulled off the upset 2 weeks ago in Mtl,can they do it again at the Rogers Centre???The game is on Thursday between these two,ours is on Sat. so we'll know the outcome going into our game with the Larks beforehand.Even if the NOTS win as expected,the motivation should be there for a Cat turn around and some revenge on the Al's and the chance at locking up a home playoff date.

The Perfect Setup after this week(Ham-w/Tor-l)

Toronto.....10-7 (loss to the B.B.'s)
Hamilton.....9-8 (win over Mtl) *clinch 2nd place,season series and pts
Montreal....7-10 (loss to Ham)

The Worst Case Setup after this week(Ham-l/Tor-w)

Toronto.....11-7 (win over B.B's)*clinches 1rst place
Montreal....8-9 (win over Ham) tie breaker goes to Al's 2-1
Hamilton....8-9 (loss to Mtl)

Let's hope for the Perfect Setup scenario!!!!!

Cats will win there last 2 games and the Argos will lose there last two game, putting the Cats in 1st Place in the east with a Eastern Finial in Guelph!

1998 East Final....can history repeat itself????? GO CATS GO :thup: :thup:

LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!EASTERN FINAL 2013 :thup: :thup: :thup: CATS #1