Cats Fill Coaching Post

Ken Peters Hamilton Spectator Dec 9 2008


I think the most important headline in that article was a little further down, Jeff Piercy is going to retire. Best of luck Jeff, you were one hell of a fullback.

Mike Gibson's name wasn't widely touted in the rumour mill.

He does have 30 years of coaching experience in US college ranks

and 6 years coaching experience in the CFL
which is an important criteria in my books.

He served the Saskatchewan Rough Riders
in 2007 as their Offensive Line Coach

This year he also had Assistant Head Coaching duties.

He first 'guest coached' with the B.C. Lions in 1995.

His first full-time coaching job in the CFL occurred
in 2001 as the Blue Bombers offensive line coach.

In 2005 and 2006 prior to joining the Riders Mike was
the Offensive Coordinator of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Bombers had a great record and were in the Grey Cup one of those years
and I seem to recall there was a buzz around the league about his work.

Ya, one who couldn't get a yard on third down.

loks like a good profile. This is from riderville

Gibson is entering his second season as a Roughrider coach and his fifth in the CFL. Prior to joining the Riders, Gibson spent 2005 and 2006 as the Offensive Coordinator with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He first entered the CFL in 2001 as the Bombers offensive line coach, helping the club to a 14-4 season and a Grey Cup appearance.

Gibson began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Western Maryland where he played his college football. In 1980 he took the job of offensive line coach/recruiting coordinator at Cornell University. Starting in 1982, he spent six years as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Boston University. Gibson's next move was to Rice University where he spent two seasons as the Recruiting Coordinator and Director of Football Operations. In 1990, he moved to Temple University where he served as offensive line coach for three seasons. His next move was to Colgate University where he was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for two years.

In 1995, Gibson had his first taste of the CFL when he served as a guest coach with the B.C. Lions. From 1996 to 1999 he worked as OT/TE and special teams coach at Rutgers University. In 2000 he coached special teams and the safeties at Rutgers. His first full-time coaching job in the CFl occurred in 2001 as the Blue Bombers offensive line coach. He returned to the U.S. College ranks in 2002 where he spent three years as the offensive line coach at the University of Louisiana.

Gibson graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in both political science and education from Western Maryland in 1978. His hobbies include traveling and working out.

We gave up approximately 800 sacks this year (well it sure felt like it and I'm sure Porter would agree). Don't you think that might say something about our O-line instead of Piercy? Nobody can say anything negative about the organization that you don't jump all over it and defend them, but say something nice about a player and you slag slag slag. Happy Holidays.

I wish Jeff good luck as well and will really miss his insightful and entertaining articles. I sincerely hope he's accepted to the university of his choice and that he has a long and successful career.

That was 1 play. Every other 1 yard plunge he did worked perfectly.

Anyone who bases someone's talent on ONE bad play has 0 football vision or understanding. Maybe being a football fan isn't the right thing for you..

The guy is a fullback. Not a running back. On a 1 yard plunge the ball needs to get into the hands of our running backs. That's why they get paid the big bucks, to get us that extra yard when we need it. The fullback is there to block and catch the odd pass.

Not a bad hire by Obie and MB to pry someone with experience and talent away from a solid coaching staff especially when no one saw it coming.

So much for the "nobody wants to come here" theory.

Why is this article not on the front page of or on the front page of their sports section on the site as well?

This is major, Hamiltonian news and it should be broadcast from the valley to the tip of the mountains.

Welcome to Hamilton to our new Offensive Coordinator. I hope you can help us to improve and become a contender.

Thanks and best wishes to Jeff Piercy. It was great to have you on our team, and I hope you achieve great success in all your future endeavours

I really want see who the DC is ..
We have Tallent at DB and linebacker
We need help on the D-Dline

This was an okay Hire I rather more know OC like a Jacques Chapdelaine

I’m thinking the new DC will be Greg Marshall from Winnipeg. But I’d be thrilled if Hamilton somehow managed to lure Richie Hall away from the Riders.

There has been some strong talk that the DC job is Mike Benevides from B.C as he wants to be closer to his family that lives in Toronto.

What I'd like to know is how much of a free reign Gibson will have under Bellefeuille. Lots, I hope. His Profile on the BC Site

Coached at Boston for six years OC and QB coach, I wonder if QP will become the apple of his eye fine lads. :smiley: :thup:

on the piercy thing ... i believe an offensive lineman lost his job because he did not make the right block on the play in question. basically left jeff running right into a d-lineman. let's be fair! good luck dude!

O.K. - I too think that this is a good hire.

BUT - (there is always a but) - what will Bellefeuille do with all the spare time now?

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Does anyone know anything about Gibson's offence? I can't say anything about him because I don't even know who he is. Lots of experience but only two years as an OC in the CFL, the last time will 3 years ago when he starts his job. I hope he will do well, still not the profile of the type the OC I thought we were looking for. Winnipeg as I remember had a good offence in 05 and 06, I hope his schemes can transfer to this team. I'm glad the position is filled, I just don't know what to expect.