Cats File Complaint: Dwight Anderson spit on a fan

If this allegation is true, it just proves once again that Dwight Anderson is a disgusting, no-class buffoon.

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I don't even think Rose and Jack from Titanic could spit that far.

It's a fair height up to the fans in the end zone stands.

I would not doubt it.
This guy is a head case.
Don't want to comment any further until more (phlem) comes out.
Dwight Phlemderson! :wink:

This guy is a professional athlete.
He could easily launch a luggie with the right angle of elevation and wind direction. :wink:

My favourite DA memory from last night in my Box H seat was being able to yell at him late in the game, 'HEY ANDERSON. OSKEE WEE WEE ANDERSON". This is in reference to a game from a previous year I would rather forget when late in the fourth quarter he did his version of Pigskin Pete and mocked the Ticat fans in Box H. Karma always seems to come back to people like him and bite them in the you know what.

(BTW it wasn't me he spit at. Sounds like it was in the east end zone. To hauck a lougie up 15 feet or more is really an athletic feat by DA. (His best of the night? lol))


If this is true, I think Montreal will have enough his antics and they'll release him. What a douche.

that's way too much scientific information...... :lol: :lol:

Don't forget: He WAS spitting WITH the wind...

Not so sure. Bashir Levingston once threw his helmet at a kid in the same area of the stands, and he didn't lose his job over it.

Chris Walby of the Bombers did the same thing at Ivor Wynne and knocked a kid unconscious up in the east end zone stands

What a joke, if you don't lay down the law he's going to keep doing crap like this. Suspend him.

As Jerry Seinfeld would say "That's one magic Lugie" :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just stupid, there is no way he is spitting on someone in the endzone. People love to hate on DA but really he is a great db that take some stupid penaltys (kinda like someone on the cats Avon?).

You realize that this was a complaint that was filed because a member of the team's security team saw it happen, right? This wasn't a fan complaint or even a player complaint. Does this member of the security team "love to hate DA" too?

yes you realize it was security, not a cop...
I could be a security guard if I wanted to be, so ya its possible hes a ticat fan that hates DA like most people on here. So unless someone has video evidence the league wont do anything.

Wow, just wow. You enjoy being a contrarian, don't you? Either that or your a conspiracy nut. Either way, wow.

If a player can spit on fans, maybe the fans are too close to the athletes. Always been a problem at Ivor Wynn, even saw players get tackled in to Bar style round tables by the field last season. Don't think anyonw should spit on a fan but I've been in the stands in Hamilton and it isn't filled with angels... Even JCFL teams get insulted and thrown things at them in Hamilton. Box J boys have even beatup fans, so playing offended virgins and asking that players be thrown out of the league is kind of funny :lol:

Not sure how you figure that...
All im saying is its easy to jump on DA and believe everything you hear, but if you take the time to think about it spitting that high up straight in the air is pretty impressive or next to impossible.

No where did it say the spit landed on anybody, i assume if it happened he spat in that direction, if that was the case then its still so wrong. I have a feeling he should come out and go into of the dressing room Sept 5 with a unbrella! :lol: :lol:

I don't know "sometimes spit happens". :wink: