Cats FA's list is massive for 2022

Why do you think Watford, Laurent, Williams, and Banks will be gone? Of them all, I can really only see Teddy possibly retiring, and Banks has already said that he is willing to take a smaller (see what I did there) role on the team. Watford is an experienced QB who already knows the system, and I see no reason why Frankie would want to leave unless his post-concussion syndrome doesn't improve.

With Kalinic trying out for multiple teams, he may make it onto some type of NFL roster, and then we're down a CDN receiver/FB, so Ungerer III may be a priority, unless we want to go with Burt as our only CDN WR/FB.

You should have also put Jordan Murray on your list, as it looks like we need a new Left Tackle, because the team released him to persue an NFL shot.

Dropping Canadians like Bennett , Irons , Daly , and Ungerer would really hurt the special teams and team depth . Okafor was much improved in 2021 but his injury was season ending . Some or all of these players would be scooped up by Ottawa or Toronto . Teddy and Frankie need to stay in the Hammer , if healthy .
Addition by subtraction .

Pat Lynch (an old person)


Chris Frey
Brandon Banks
Frankie Williams

The others we can get by without.

Burt has to get healthy and start.

We need all the defense back IMO. I know that is not realistic. If our offense could have strung together some 4th quarter clock killing first downs ( Grey Cup Included) those few 4th quarter collapses would not have happened.
I think our defense was elite but was often on the field too long as our offense often sucked for most of the 4th quarters.

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We essentially had the 2nd best D in the league.

You're bang on about those drives not happening

We got it in the East Final. Didn't get it in the 2 home collapses, and of course in the Grey Cup.