Cats FA's list is massive for 2022

3DN has listed our FA list for next season . If this list is accurate it's showing 40 players who can potentially become FA's in 2022 ( actually the number is 38 as they have Filer and Stephen listed and both are retired )

Here is the article and the list below...

That's how you want it with no CBA in place.

Let's round down the number and say on average that every team has say 35 potential FA's . Simple math tells us that we could be potentially looking at approximately 315 players(more or less) around the league looking for pay raises come the new year . I'm sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous to think about in a league that only has nine teams total .


If teams don't know what the budget will be set at, kind of pointless to sign all these guys only to negotiate them down or release them a few months later.

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Lol 3 mistakes Domagala is under contract for 22 know that from his agent and Filer and Stephen retired months ago. Stephen is working with ticats as director of community partnership and Filer tweeted about his job with a hockey team in New Brunswick

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37 actually since Domagala is under contract


73 players on all rosters, for the Grey Cup -- Active, Injured & Practice
20 signed for 2022
16 already free agents
37 more will be free agents , if unsigned by February.

As I mentioned in another thread, it's virtually our entire starting lineup on all 3 phases of the game.

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We’re gonna need to be “creative” with the salary cap…

Okay for what it's worth here is my personal top 12 priority FA signings from that list . So feel free to agree / disagree or list your own top 12 list if you like .

So here we go , In no particular order...

Dane Evans -qb
Nik Kalinic - fb/te
Don Jackson - rb
Darious Ciraco - c
Brandon Revenberg - lg
J'Gared Davis - de
Dylan Wynn - dt
Simoni Lawrence - lb
Tunde Adeleke - db
Cariel Brooks - db
Ciante Evans - db
Jumalle Rolle - db



They must have heard you because they have since updated the list and have deleted Domagala's name from it .

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Dave Naylor



“I love Hamilton. I don’t see myself being any other place.” —


RB Don Jackson


Great list, I don’t know if Dunbar is signed for next year. I believe he has a lot of potential, size, toughness, speed. I would add him to the list

I'm all for players getting paid but I miss the days when rosters didn't change so much.


I agree , I like FA but not to this extent . Maybe it's just me but I like FA because it shakes things up a bit and keeps things fresh and interesting . A perfect example was a few years back when Chad Owens signed here . I honestly never thought I'd see the day that C02 would be dressed in Ti-Cat colours even if it was for only one season , it was fun and kept things interesting .

The thing of it unfortunately is that with the way it is set up now with all these 1 years it is absolute overkill and ridiculous especially in a league with only 9 teams and limited budgets and resources to go around .


Hodge confirmed my source was correct

I'll just copy my list that i posted in another post...

Here are the players that were not listed on the 3Downs FA list aka that are not FA and signed for next season..

FB - Felix Garand-Gauthier
FB - Jake Burt
WR - Tyler Ternowski
WR - Papi White
WR - Tim White
WR - Bradlon Addison
OL - Coulter Woodmansey
OL - Jordan Murray

P - Joel Watford
K - Michael Domagala

DE - Mason Bennett
DE - Malik Carney
DT - Lee Autry II
DT - Chris Mulumba

DB - Stavros Katsantonis
DB - Kameron Kelly
DB - Desmond Lawrence

LB - Tyrice Beverette
LB - Nic Cross
LB - Bailey Feltmate
LB - Myles Manalo

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I would be ok with even letting Kalinic walk... With 2 FB on the roster... The only way I bring Kalinic back is if he is ok with a WR role... I mean if we dont use Burt as a FB like he is listed on the Website and use him as a TE/WR ok I bring Kalinic back as a FB if I use Burt as a FB then you have Addison, Acklin is a Resign and then Papi White thats 3 receivers your putting Kalinic in with Tim White as a 4th Rec thats why I am saying either if you value him as a higher up WR or starting FB is the only reason why i bring him back. Bobo I would even add Frankie Williams on your list of players to resign

The only reason I didn't place Frankie in my priority top 12 signing list is due to the uncertainty of his health status . It will all depend on how serious his concussion symptoms are as to if we re-sign him or not I feel .

I also appreciate your opinion of Kalinic but I'm sorry but that guy is a must sign in my books . I've absolutely loved watching him play the last two seasons . At 6" 5' and 255 lbs the guy goes balls to the walls on every down regardless of if he is blocking or catching plus he is an absolute beast on special teams .



24 years old.
Local kid (Toronto).
Great 2 years in Hamilton.

He's not signing anywhere but the Hammer. :slightly_smiling_face: