Cats Fall Apart with Stala's Injury

This team is unbelievable! Stala sustains an injury, and with the exception of McQuay McDaniel, the offense
virtually quits.

After DeAndra Cobb fumbled at a critical time for the 2nd game in a row, he addressed the issue of covering up
the football in a crowd. It seems to me that at this stage of his career, he should be doing that anyway. Any pro
ball player should be protecting the football.

At least Cobb has been running the ball better in the past three games, but if he can't hold on to the damn ball,
whats the point?

It does seem to be true that the offence could not get very far after Stala took that big hit. It would be interesting to see how long the average drive was after that injury. There was that TD late in the game, but other than that, and an FG to end the half, the offence could not put points on the board.

Bauman did catch what was thrown to him in Stala’s place though, which was good to see.

But somehow the offence did come apart after that injury. The Cobb fumble certainly hurt. He was doing well, then Peach knocked it loose.

But what was also costly was Glenn’s pick-six before that injury.

Well, the offense is easy to adjust to when what works is jettisoned. One of the worst losses I've watched. Frustrating is the term that minimizes the feeling. LMAO

This loss isn't on the Offence, nor Special Teams.

When the defence is not producing, you rely on offense to pull the game out. We can't get Sandro to try needed FGs because we're SCAY-ERRED of big bad returner. How can the coaches experience shrivelage when the defence ISN'T stopping anything??

It's bizarre!

If the Defence can't stop the 2010 Eskimos the season is over.

Stala is the hardest worker on this team , get well soon


It was tough to have Stala go down, but we have plenty of depth at the receiver position and did not miss him too much. Bauman and Carter filled in admirably, although Stala is obviously our clutch receiver.

Cobb coughs it up again, this time deep in our own end. The resulting 3 points ended up being the difference. I realise Peach hammered it out, but I have to ask you this, if our RB cannot outrun a DT, we have a real problem. He also looked bad on a pass over the middle where he could not get past Lloyd in open field.

Once again Cobb played well, but I still believe he has lost a step from last year. I really think the running game has improved because the Oline is blocking better, but that's it.

Anyway you look at it, this was a tough loss to an improved Edmonton team. We should have never looked back after we were up 21-7, but we let them right back in.


The team scored 35 points. How much do you think we should have to score to win. This loss is squarely on the defense. They didn’t give the team a chance to win. The offence was actually good

That is what I was thinking. The offence had to keep up what it was doing in the first half, with exception to Glenn's pick six. The offence and special teams had to carry this team.

The time of possession numbers were in Edmonton's favour for much of the day.

And turnovers can be huge. The offence turned it over twice: Once on that pick-six, and again on the Cobb fumble.

Once again, you could say this about Cobb's performance: He gained us over 100 rushing yards, but... needs to secure it to prevent fumbles.

And I would like to see a replay of that two point convert attempt. What happened?

The team scored 35 points, not just because of the offence.

Seven of those points were after Baggs recovered a fumble for a TD.

Four of them were on conceded safeties.

I agree that the defence was the main reason for the loss. But there is room for improvement on the offence. They continue to make costly mistakes.

You score more than the opponent. Especially when you CAN.


Oski Wee Wee,


I agree with that but when your defense forces you to score 30 plus points every game just to tie then its stupid to blame the offense

Not absolving the defence here. It is simply that if the defence isn't stopping anything, you cannot NOT BE AGGRESSIVE with your offensive approach. We run, then we don't run, we hit play action, then we stop it, we get into our kicker's outer limit for FG range twice in a game where we NEED 40 points to win and...we crap the bed.

Do Huffnagel and Trestman coach like that? I would never shrink at being in a shootout in the CFL for crying out loud. We needed to attack their linebackers with crossing routes, work their DBs with rub routes, and call wheel routes with Cobb and Thigpen to stretch the defence. Instead, keep everyone in their lanes, hit few receivers with speed in the middle of the field -- same old crap.

Be clear: you win in a professional football cap world by compensating for stuff. The Als secondary can be horrid at times when they aren't making big plays for turnovers, etc. Calvillo and co. often have to score 40 to win. When you have the personnel to get that done, it's up to the coaches to put their players in a position to win.

To be sure, Gibson AND Marshall are not getting that done. Ultimately, it's on Marcel to fix that from a gameplanning standpoint.

Oski Wee Wee,


Sorry you are pointing the finger at the offense who had a pretty good day. This one is 100% on the defense. As much as I don’t like Kevin Glenn and abhor the offensive philosophies thats not why we lost

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You'll see that I'm in a number of threads and I'm not playing favourites. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


The offense has generally moved the ball and has scored points but unfortunately they defense allows the opposition to control the ball and put up points way too easily. The result is usually a tight game, and one where the offense does not take charge when they should. In the second half they did nothing with the exception of the late scoring drive. Glen gave up the easy touchdown pic, never looked it off just kept focus on Mcdaniels. Cobb got stripped of the ball deep in our end as well. I was getting frustrated with our half time adjustments. The offense moved the ball well in the first half, in the 2nd i saw way too many 3 - 4 yard passes. We have to go vertical more often and mix up the plays.

[quote="Anyway you look at it, this was a tough loss to an improved Edmonton team. We should have never looked back after we were up 21-7, but we let them right back in.

In almost all the games this year whether we W or L, i've noticed this team has a HUGE problem finshing and closing out games.

And someone mentioned the 2 point conver???
I wondered the same thing - what exactly happened?? because that was ugly...

To me it looked like it was supposed to be a rub play similar to what Edmonton was running quite successfully, but ours flat out failed. Bummer.

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said the play was intended for Arland Bruce.
"They tackled Arland, that's how it went awry," Bellefeuille said afterward. "It happens."