Cats extend Thompson

Great signing by Obie.

I'm surprised it doesn't say for how long though. He must've been going into his option year.

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One year, plus an option according to the Spec.

Thanks I haven't seen the Spec yet today.

great move! Now if we can get a pass rush it should result in more ints for Thompson.

Some small good news amid the horror that is my day today.

Ahhh, it's a nice day. An excellent day. Enjoy it!

Thanks, but don't get me

Small good news? Signing the man who led the league in interceptions, i'd say this is big news.

Only one year? Most players decline their option years and look for more money....let's hope we have him for more than just this season. I was hoping he would get locked up similarly to the three year deal Prechae received.

A very good move. To me, the brightest surprises on last year's team were Thompson and Knowlton.........great guys on a personal level, as well.

Gotta keep your good ones. Let's hope for 10 interceptions this year. On to the Grey Cup!

Great move. knowlton and thompson were a bright light on a 3-15team.How good could they have been if the opposing qb had tea and crumpets before a ticat got near

"Cats extend Thompson"

Is he now "6' 4"? Did they use the rack? :wink:

Great Signing, Thompson is a player we need around for a long time... We should also market him now that Lumsdens gone we need a couple players to become the face of this franchise and I can't think of anyone better than Thompson.

One year plus and option is not really what I had in mind for Chris but if he has and he will have another great season I say we give him a nice 2-3 year plus an option and build our defensive secondary around him.

Obie is doing the right thing by signing players to new contracts now. This will allow him to stagger the number of Tiger-Cat players that hit the free agent market at the end of each year. The last thing you want to see is 12 players becoming free agents on a team that is finally starting to get it together!

Well times are changing in some respects in steel town. We've re-signed our best offensive player (Prechae, in case there was any doubt) and extended our best defensive player. Finally, there is some sense of continuity. Good to see we are retaining these guys once they have a break out season. Great move!

That was an interesting point about who becomes the "face of the franchise" after losing Lumsden. But I thought if anyone currently on the team could be marketed, that player would be Rodriguez, who fortunately is going to be under contract with the team. It is also good to have another possible "face of the franchise" player here in Setta, although this Thompson signing was some good news that we needed to hear.

The Ticats might not be considered "big winners" when it comes to FA signings in these past few days, but building a winning team is a process that takes much more than a few days.

Good Move!

It seems Obie has made it a priority to extend his own free agents just as much as to acquire new talent.