Cats/Esks PBP Thread

It's about a half-hour to kickoff. Let's get this thread going...

Sounds good! Thanx DCF :smiley:

Any time...

I think it's the best OLine all year - hopefully they can protect Zach.

Oskiee Wee Wee!

If it’s the best then they should be able to keep him on his feet. :slight_smile: Fulton has been a great addition at LT.

OK boys - time to roll and put some points on the board!

And theres the steamwhistle - Oskee wee wee, Ticats eat'em raw :rockin:

Jeez hope TSN not having sound problems again.

Nice save by Collaros and Gable there! :thup: And they are poised to score - I hope!

TD GABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there you go! Gable TD :thup:


Slight advantage Ticats - EE travelling 2 time zones on a 6 day week. OK D - Your turn to get a fast stop :rockin:

Nice stop on 2nd down there. But not enough to stop the drive :frowning:

YEAH CHICK!!! PKD!! And Reilly under pressure overthrows on 2nd!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Time for another!! :smiley:

Hi folks!

I'm stuck at Mac for a bit without a computer, I'll be following this thread until I can make it home. Let's go cats! :rockin:

RUSS!!! You're alive!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

No penalty on the punt return? As in that wasn't no yards? No idea how it wasn't.

Ya, no-yards looked pretty obvious to me...