Cats/Esks looking at Marshall

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I think the Cats have a good shot at getting him, and not just for financial reasons.

When Marshall was DC in Edmonton, and Higgins was shown the door, the choice for HC came down to him or their then-OC, Maciocia. Maciocia got the job, and rather than staying as DC under Maciocia, Marshall left and went to Ottawa.

He interviewed again for the Edmonton HC post this time as well, and again was passed over in favour of Richie Hall.

So that's twice Edmonton has passed him over for their HC job. Once he was beaten out by Maciocia, and this time it's Maciocia who made the decision.

If I was Marshall, I wouldn't want to work there, so I'd lean to Hamilton.

You missed the line about Hamilton is apparently offering more money.

With the short term job security of a coach dollars talk....big time!

Before he signs here, Marshall better get a guarantee from Obie that the Ticats are ready to spend some big bucks on free agents to re-build the D-Line, or nothing will change on the defensive side of the ball in Hamilton in 2009.

No, I didn't miss that at all...........look at my first sentence in my post............I was giving ANOTHER reason why he'll come to Hamilton, in addition to the obvious financial reason.

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This one say they have not made an offer

Story 2 ... story.html This here said they did

how does jerome haywood sound for starters? i'm not sure what the relationship was like between barrin and greg but given the fact that barrin was out pretty much all year and the peg found a suitable replacement... lets see-otis floyd, barrin simpson in at lb and haywood in to plug a huge hole on the DL.

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Don't know why some think WPG's MLB choice is so cut and dried.
Moreno was asked after the playoff game what his future was and said everything was "up in the air" and the Bombers hadnt told him anything.
If the Bombers were so sure certainly they would have released Simpson by now.
Simpson is popular and well liked in the community .

May not get sorted out until end of training camp and even then may come down to $$$$$ and cap.