Cats @Eskimos

The Cats are looking for a turn around win, this could be the game

Game time 9:00


Alternate Viewing


PLEASE no Rod Black!!!

Go Cats Go!!!

I bow to your startingness.

Now on with the show.

lol… thanks Mark

The game is also on NBC SN (220 on my cable service) for those of us in the US.

Care to provide a link Caretaker?

If they stream online

We can add as they come in :smiley:

Watching from NYC tonight. No idea of an online link. One of my pet peeves is the CFL does not have a regular Internet streaming service in the US. ESPN 360 carries games from time to time. But not all Internet providers carry ESPN 360.

I am going to pay dearly for watching this game tonight.... gotta be up at 3:30Am to go to work... but I will NOT be deterred...

Plus I start my holidays end of day tomorrow

:D :lol: :thup:

More CFL exposure is surely needed.... growing is a good thing....

Must be a problem with my TV. Thought I saw a run.

What’s this???..
a runnnning game???

And a replay. No, different result. Huh.

Easily 1st down!

Thanks for replying.

Ok. LeFevour in on short yardage. Good move.

And he got it.

Ugh.. penalties need to STOP!!!

negates a FD

Burris saw interference but I agree with the call.

Sigh.... Hank is picked.... not a good opening drive :frowning:

You got your wish. They didn’t call a penalty on the next play. Also negates a FD.

And then the pick. Urgh!

Small steps. We got a running first down.

lol.. ok let me rephrase that

CATS penalties need to STOP!!