Cats developing a Reputation

I have read on some other teams forums, mainly the Dirty Birds and Arblows and on the main CFL board that some are saying our boys are cocky. I see it as confident and competitive. It makes me laugh that Montreal and Toronto fans are accusing The Cats of being cocky when that's what makes up their teams identity most seasons.

We have a very good team and that seems to bother them. Zach leads this team with skill and a competitive fire that has the players following him. We have not had this kind of team chemistry in a long time.

What say you?

Well, when there's a constant parade of celebrations for touchdowns, interceptions, fumble recoveries, clutch first downs, sacks, deep tackles on special teams and huge returns, I can see it being viewed as cocky.

In my own opinion, I see it as a cycle. Were the other teams not "cocky" during their winning seasons? I've never seen a year where other teams are taking cheap, rough shots against our players (i.e. Speedy B). I could be wrong, but whatever. I do wish each team in the CFL had what we have. Great stadium, great owner and a great team. If they are complaining about us - it doesn't bother me. I don't see it affecting how our team plays or our enjoyment at the THF. Just think of what they'll say once the Grey Cup comes back to Hamilton this November.

OSKEE WEE WEE my friends.

I say boohoo. I don't see them doing anything that other teams don't do. That tells me these fans are likely just sour about their teams getting spanked. Plenty of teams were cocky when our team was a doormat.

Every team gets confident or cocky when winning. Arholes have had plenty Dirty birds had Emery and Cox. Bummers had their stupid swaggerville .

If other fans dont like it after such a terrible stretch of bad teams in Hamilton...

I say tough merde!

I see that as players who are close and like to show support for their team mates when they make a great play because they are genuinely happy for them. Prime example was Coates TD last night. I noticed how Tasker rushed in to congratulate him along with others who were nearby. They were REALLY happy for a player that they know has worked hard to improve and contribute to the team. Zach ALWAYS celebrates with his receivers when they score.

I think what is seen by others as cockiness is just really a very close-knit group of guys celebrating each other’s success. Too bad if it is seen as “cocky” by others because when you hear these players talk before and after games, they may sound happy or excited but never “cocky”. They have worked VERY hard to get to where they are but you can be sure Austin won’t let them get too full of themselves.

Lol just reread my post and realized it may have come off as a criticism of the team. I meant it as praise for their incredible success.

I agree with you 100% these guys are in total lock step with each other.


DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE NOT!!![/b] :rockin:

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Anyone who thinks the Cats are cocky should read the last part of this article:

[url=] ... over-argos[/url]

Collaros is a next level competitor and we had better keep him here his entire career.

He really has stepped up into a new category this season. Collaros is a special QB

This is a Band of Brothers.
The Coates touchdown gave us a glimpse of that.

This team has to have one of the best attitudes I've seen from a league leading club in recent memory. Calgary is similarly successful without a toxic attitude.

This team does not have a Ricky Foley or Arland Bruce or Bear Woods.. players who are successful but say selfish, inflammatory and otherwise stupid things.

Agreed 100%. These players, both last year & this year, made me cheer for them not just because they're the most talented Ticat team in awhile, but also because as Austin says regularly in the media, they care both about being good & each other. I didn't get quite the same sense from the team that appeared in the 2013 GC, it's like Collaros was the final piece of the puzzle.

I think the title of the thread should add the words:

..."as a team which not only is great, but also has players who truly do care about their teammates and don't fail to show it".

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Guys celebrate after big plays even when they're losing. That's all part of the game. The main thing is what they do and say off the field.


“Everything can turn on a dime and there’s still a lot of football left,? he added. “We’re by far not in a position to feel comfortable at all, not with this football team or anybody in the East – Ottawa, Montreal.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us. We saw that tonight.?

A reputation that's saying to the rest of the league, " We take sh*t off no one, we will not be intimidated, especially OUR coach! :rockin:

Sounds like we are both on the same page although my comment was not intended to imply that yours was critical, but rather to expand on what you said. I really didn't get the impression that you felt they were cocky. Other teams though (and their fans) seem to think that if there is lots of celebrating by the Ticats players, especially when they are well ahead in the game, then they are "full of themselves". They really don't understand what these players (and their coaches) have built together.

IMHO, spinning a football and then dancing around it like a fool after you made a routine 8-yd catch is ridiculous. Even more so when it was 2nd-and-12...

Yes, I have seen receivers from other teams doing things like this. Not our guys. Why celebrate a failing play?