Cats Defensive Co-Ordinator Options?

Assuming we do elect to bring in a new defensive coordinator, who is available and/or willing to take the job? Marshall would be ideal, but a long shot...

Also. John Marshall, but no cfl experience and not sure he would come to Canada. What about Sutherin? This is the time to make a change with 10 days between games.

Extreme longshot, but does anyone know what Rob Hitchock is doing these days? I always thought he'd make a fine coach. .. starting off as a D/C might be a bit of a leap, though.

Les Browne ?

8) Are you kidding about "Sudsy" ?? Don is now 76, and happily retired in Ohio. :D

Thinking outside the box, what about hiring a younger position coach from another CFL team? Maybe Orlando Steinhauer or Mike Sinclair (Montreal)? This wouldn't be able to happen until the end of the season, though.

That's exactly what they did in hiring Creehan. Once bitten, twice shy, perhaps ?

I think what this team needs is a DC who is experienced, as the head coach is a rookie himself.

Toronto has a similar situation with Milanovich who was a former OC and now premiering as a head coach, and who is also still designing the offense. However, he has an experienced DC.

If you look at the offensive stats between these two teams they are, for the most part, in the top 3 together. However, the defensive numbers for Toronto are still in the top 4 of the league, and Hamilton’s are at or near the bottom.

Put besides these factors that Cortez is also involved in personnel and it makes me think that he’s done a fair job so far.

Yes, he does have to work on a protocol for the challenge flag problem.

Sure, but they've also hired veteran guys like Greg Marshall and Denny Creehan in the past and struck out there. To me, you hire the best candidate for the job, never mind what happened in the past.

I think Creehan was hired because of how long it took to sign Cortez. There wasn’t much choice. They just didn’t expect they would be the worst D in the league.

Options will be pretty limited even if they wait until the offseason to fire Creehan. Apart from Greg Marshall, there aren’t any proven guys in need of immediate employment. I suspect that if Creehan goes, his replacement will also be new to either the CFL or to the DC position (i.e. a position coach promoted). Extreme long shot: Chamblin gets fired in SSK and resurfaces back in Hamilton as the DC.

I support new guys entering the league to coach. I dislike the way the league recycles mediocrities in the coaching ranks. Guys like Bellefeuille and Paopao stuck around for years when they had no business coaching in a pro league.

Are you kidding? Marcel was superior to what we have now. He had a better record with worse players!

How was the 2011 team worse? You had a great receiving corps, Cobourne in the backfield, a better offensive line, and a D corps that was about the same.

You know what, call me crazy but coaching is a lot harder then it looks guys. There's far too much ripping into the coaches and previous coaches going on here, especially when you consider it's a completely new coaching staff. Just my two cents though.

I don't know if the team is better this year or not. But it was hyped up that way. Much better at the all-important QB position (so it has been argued frequently, though K Glenn has not done badly in Calgary and Burriss has been less than consistently stellar in Hamilton); better at receiver (high profile signings of Fantuz and Giguere to go with Williams); Mallett and Grant hurt, but Walker has been good and Cobourne too when he played. These were supposed to be big moves forward. Some have not panned out too well so far. How much is coaching I don't know. But Coach Cortez is responsible for the roster makeup and coaching.

I liked Coach Marcel, I thought he did not deserve to be fired. Some folks here say he had no business being a head coach at professional level. I'm not convinced of that at all. He was a very successful HC in CIS, and served as an assistant in the CFL for several years. He got us to the playoffs consistently. Coach Cortez's qualifications to be a head coach in the CFL are not superior in my view. Yes, he's had much longer coaching experience (after all he's older and has been around longer), but a sum total of zero days of that as a HC at any level, even high school.

It's noteworthy to me that in the Bob Young era we've had at least as many playoff appearances and wins under CIS pedigree HCs (Bellefeuile and Marshall) as we've had with NCAA- experienced ones. So far. I hope Coach Cortez changes that. But it's not clear to me at all that Cortez and Taaffe had business being head coaches in the CFL while Marshall and Bellefeuille didn't.