Cats deal Rodriguez for someone and a pic..

....Prechae Rodriguez dealt to sask. for some guy by the name of Nicholson ,a pic in 2011 :roll: and a neg.list player......Is Taman fleecing obie again????? :lol:

Wowzers.....Nicholson is a big Canadian kid, who just happens to be buried on SK's depth chart at slot, behind Fantuz, Dressler, Getzlaf and Clermont. I guess Prechae will take over the boundary WR spot from Gerran Walker - a huge upgrade. Tabbies probably dump some salary, and get a 2011 third rounder - which is like a lottery ticket. No mention on Riderville about a neg list player.

As a Rider fan, I'm very happy - always liked Rogriguez - a big kid, was raw in terms of mechanics, but a sort of next-generation Matt Dominguez.

For Taman's first real move as GM, I give it a thumb's up.

....does that mean Walker could be on his way to the Peg..... :roll: ????

Speculation is Toronto. I think that was mentioned on Rod Pederson's blog.

Perhaps we should see if Rodriguez can stay out of sickbay for the a while before judging this trade. He had a great rookie season but he had only 45 catches in 11 games last season and was injured a lot.

Fair point....but the Riders didn't exactly give away the farm for him.

....being a free agent.....which team would you like to play for.....argos or the bombers.... :lol: if it's a ton of money....could be the arenogoods.....orrrrr someplace where you are familiar with the coaches and qb.????could be interesting... :wink:

I'm not evaluating the opportunities...just repeating what was reported.

word is that rodriguez fell out of favor in hamilton due to lack of work ethic, i dunno why people think rodriguez is some superstar game breaker altho i suppose 1 good year 2 years ago = superstar to some. NOt to me.. if people are upset would u give up hargreaves,a pick and a neg lister for this guy? i wouldnt. why when we already have a younger better technically more proven receiver in bowman who plays the same spot. Yes he's more proven than rodriguez cuz atleast bowman did something last year.

The key to this deal is a KR (the "neg list" kid) Hamilton wants. The Ticat beat writer's blog tonight says:

[b]On the face of it, trading former 1,000-yard receiver and rookie-of-the-year candidate Prechae Rodriguez for a Canadian kid with a grand total of five career CFL receptions does not make much sense.

But the key to the deal, says general manager Bob O'Billovich, is a player from the Saskatchewan Roughriders' negotiation list.

"He's a pretty exciting player and if we get him signed he can do what we hoped in the kick return game," said O'Billovich, who won't name the player until he gets a deal done. [/b]

....well speculation is just that ...speculation.....some reports of the past leave a lot of people wondering about accuracy
...i guess we'll see.... :roll:

The boys tailgating at Canadins

Looks like you could have used a cup then as well, Hf...

C'mon Hfx, I warned you once about sharing your family album with the rest of us. :wink:

I thought that was Tyler Ebell and Dan Goodspeed leaving IWS after being released.....

Its Papa giving the Salute to Sanjay :lol:

The neg list guy is Chris Williams, a KR with 4.3 speed who is small but elusive…like Ezra Landry or Gizmo. Obie will now try to sign him to help Hamilton’s KR game.

Rodriquez will be a great reciever in Saskatchewan, but Walker will loo great in Blue and Gold colors, we need a reciever like Walker, go get him mack :rockin:

…now how could that possibly be a pic. of me…i’m not related to you (that’s a good thing) and have never had my picture taken with you, at any of your family get togethers… :wink: :lol:

For a second there, I thought it was Wade Miller and Skinny Dan Gyetvai.

But upon closer inspection, I'm pretty sure it's Calvillo and the Mrs. at one of those Halloween parties the Als owner likes to throw. :rockin: