Cats cut Norwood

Just heard via Bubba on CHCH news, Eric Norwood has been let go. It is thought that with the acquisition of John Chick, he may have been rendered expendable . Bubba also suggested that Norwood's dismissal might be injury related. Who knows?

I hope there was a super good reason for giving up on a player of Norwood's talent, perhaps a salary issue?

Three reasons, all somewhat valid and combined make sense.

  1. Norwood is injured and is likely to miss between 2-4 months of the season from my understanding. Having a player sitting on IR for that period of time isn't a wise investment espcially when....

  2. Norwood is taking up a roster spot, only so many players can make the team and Austin is well known for going through large amounts of young players before the season starts and finding jewels among them. Why does he often do this?

  3. Norwood is a bit of a victim of the cap, as some high profile signings need to be paid for. John Chick likely wasn't cheap, nor is Speedy B, Chad Owens (hopefully we didn't overpay) or Luke Tasker. Austin also seems to have a habit of picking up NFL cast offs and suddenly available free agents and keeps a decent amount of wiggle room.

The concern I would raise is we've lost a lot of D-linemen. Our defense has been excellent, but part of that has been because of having a defence that refuses to allow opposing rushing yards. That more often falls on the D-Line then the Linebackers. Loosing Norwood isn't going to help things unless Austin has someone lined up.