Cats Cut Khari Long

8) Drew Edwards just reporting that the Cats have cut DE Khari Long this morning.
 Either Jeremy Gibbs or Baggs will  play DE on Saturday in BC.

  Garrett McIntrye is not practicing today, due to his injury !!

Best of luck to Khari. I'm not surprised by this, but still hate cuts.

Has the team said anything about McIntyre's injury? Somehow I missed seeing him get hurt Saturday - just noticed at some point that he wasn't playing anymore. What happened to him?

Will Baggs be ready to make the flight up there given the Cats play in a couple of days?

8) Baggs is already here, so yes, he would be ready to make the flight out to BC with his new team mates !!
8) McIntyre has an ankle and hip injury.

Super. Somebody alert Shultzie!

Good luck to Kahari. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere. Schultzie typo in last post.

Khari was a beast last year, not sure what happened this season. I hope he catches on somewhere. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I would like to thank Long for his contributions here. He had 10 sacks last year and I thought he could be even better this season. But injuries kept him from contributing as much.

But he was not as good as Baggs, and that is why he's now an ex-Cat. Good luck to him in the future.

Very unfortunate for Khari, it appeared he was on the bubble before Stevie Baggs was signed. I met him for the second time last Saturday after the game. He signed my jersey # 94 and posed for a picture. Nice person - soft spoken and very proud of the fact that someone asked for his autograph and picture. I wonder if Gibbs will be another Baggs or McIntyre? Best of luck Khari … you earned your strips.

I hate cuts but better is better