Cats cut Jason Armstead

I'm willing to give him a chance. But I'm not going to sit and act like he was perfect last year.

And it took Peterson like 5 seasons before he woke up, it better not take Chris 5 seasons.

He has no choice because no one else is going to pay him big bucks, because 1, his production has been average and so will any offers that come his way and 2, every team is maxed out and can't offer him much anyways so he might as well just suck it up and take a pay cut.

If he goes to Toronto it will be a horrible career move because KJ sucks at throwing the deep ball and will be constantly overthrown. At least here he'll be more of a go to guy and have a chance to put up big numbers.

Peterson doesn't have the tallent of Bauman either.
I've never seen any rookie be perfect, no ones calling him that. I just know there's been alot of guys come through Hamilton that we've all been guilty of giving up on guys only to see them come back and bite us in the ass.
I think this kid has great size and good skills. I'm willing to give him a year or two to show us what he can do.

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We also let a couple of other receivers go and brought in a few guys on D

I agree; I think Bauman can develop into a quality starting receiver and Hamilton would be poorly served to give up on him after one season. I think he could excel like Andy Fantuz, who also went through a spell of the dropsies..........hang on to this kid, I think he's going to be a star (I'm not saying that he IS a star at this point, but I do think he can develop into one).

I totally support Obie on his decision to cut Jason Armstead. It would be pointless to give him a starting spot on a young team only to have him bolt after one season. Plus I am sure the money from his contract is better spent elsewhere.

I know a lot of you guys don't subscribe to the theory that import receivers are an easy commodity to acquire, but it is true to a certain degree.

Look at how many receivers each team in the CFL is bringing to camp. It is like 10 import receivers per team easily, and these guys have to start somewhere. I am sure we all weren't singing the praises of Geroy Simon and Jermaine Copeland when they first came to the CFL, but I am sure we know their names now.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Armstead getting cut isn't a bad thing, it saves the team money and gives them another roster spot to hopefully uncover that #1 receiver we covet so much.

Bring on training camp!

Oskee Wee Wee til I die!

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Armstead is very much like Corey Holmes, too much cash for too little production. Both might still find a place this season if they lower their contract expectations.

Let me start by saying that I do not mind this transaction.
Jason did not impress me this past year.
I was quite excited when we obtained him from Sask.
It seemed like he made the hightlight every week when playing elsewhere.
The two things that concern me slightly.
It seemed of all the receivers that there was chemestry between Jason and Casey.
Also I am tired of flat out releasing assets.
Could we not get something from another team for him?
A #3 receiver even?
Oh well, I do feel that he was not going to play to the value of his contract.

Nice of Obie to let him go earlier enough that he might have a chance of being invited to another camp. He could've strung him along and then released him at the end of camp.

It also makes me think that Obie must be pretty pleased with what he's got coming to camp.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm sure they tried to trade him, but no one wanted or could take on his bad contract.

Also I am tired of flat out releasing assets. Could we not get something from another team for him?
Yeah, Obie just didn't attempt to make a deal.......

Just flat out released him.

How did you know they did not try
where you there in room when they Made this Move?
I know I was not.
I will give Obie the Benefit of doubt over any fan.

How do you know he didn’t try?

and who would trade for a guy making 150k and only averages about 2 catches a game?

I was being sarcastic.

there goes all hope i had for the ticats this season.

after all the bad years ud think JUST ONCE, theyd try to put a winning product on the field.....fuk sakes man, who cares if hed be gone NEXT YEAR? worry about that NEXT YEAR. i wanted to see printers, lumsden, miles and ARMSTEAD this year....ARG

well, i hope the argos call him him with KJ-4.

how does that end all hope for our season? personally i was more excited to see Rodriguez, Woods and Ponder than Armstead. I believe Ponder will make the team here and make an impact. Armstead might be back here, however on lower wages.

Cut a salary with no proven replacement. Sounds like the same old TiCats to me. This might sense if you've coming off 2 or 3 back to back good seasons, but with the recent history why wouldn't you bring everyone you can to camp to give yourself a chance at being respectable.

I think come opening day with how many new faces??? and 2 whole preseason games the Cats will be lucky not to lost between the locker room and the field, let alone look competitive.

We give this move a big :thdn:

Then again, most people seem to think Obie is the saviour, hope I'm wrong. :roll:

this team is building for now, but it also is building for the future. Armstead is not in the future plans. we might as well cut him now and save the 150K for the season. I totally support this move, we re building for a strong future.

i dont care if armstead is in the future plans or not..cutting him for this '08 is STUPID.

say u got 5 immediate needs and 5 future needs, u fill the 5 immediate needs now and the other 5 next year.

you DON'T try to fill all 10 spots in 1 year, cuz when u only fill 5, thats 5 large holes ( where it woulda been 0 holes ).

...this is gonna be '05, '06, '07 all over again.