Cats cut Jason Armstead

From Cat Chat:

Sit down for this one Tabbie fans. Jason Armstead is gone.

GM Bob O'Billovich told me Friday morning that the Cats had cut the high-paid but high-skilled import receiver mainly because of contract concerns.
Obie wanted to re-sign Armstead - presumably at a lot less than he makes now - but the former Renegade and Saskatchewan receiver balked and insisted he would play out his option this season and become a free agent in February.
Obie said he wanted no part of that given he wants to rebuild the Cat receiving corps starting now.

Big news! I agree with Ken that our receiveing core lack CFL experience. But I also dont think it was a secret that Armstead was making a lot of money.

Also, what is with Ken's crush on Getzlaf? If his brother didnt play in the NHL, I would even know who he was. He was a 5th round pick, didnt play here or in Sask so whats the deal?

What are you going to do.

Its not easy rebuilding a football team...

It is going to be interesting...

HOLD ON it's going to be an interesting ride through perseason :cowboy:

Armstead didn't impress me much last year.

The move may anger some, but it makes sense.

Armstead was making #1 receiver money, but he is no longer a #1 receiver.

And he also proved last year that he can't break kick returns like he used to be able to do as a rookie in Ottawa.

And I personally didn't like the way Armstead often caught a ball and ran out of bounds to avoid a hit.

Plus, Armstead was a Desjardins aquistition, and this is now Obie's team.

Some new Armsteads will emerge out of the receivers Obie has signed, I'm sure.

Without even thinking about the other teams in the league, I think it's now safe to say that no one did a worse job than us in the Ottawa dispersal draft of two years ago.

With Armstead gone we have nothing to show for the #1 and #9 picks in that draft. Can't remember the other rounds - do we have anyone left from them?

Not a complete surprise. He didn't impress me at all on PR.

Good luck to him.

I think Obie will now go after Watkins from Montreal.

has this been confirmed anywhere?

I don't Know if I like this move at all.
we have 6 WR with CFL Experience now
3 with Limited Experience.
Rashaun Woods Less then 1 year
Jojo Walker 1 year okay as a Back up
Chris Bauman 1 year Mr Droppies

3 WR Who are seasoned Vets.
Tony Miles Vet Can he stay Healthy?
Pat Woodcock Vet Can he Regain his Status as Good WR?
Jason French Vet Will he may the Cut?

The Rest of the WR in Cap have no CFL Experience.

With camp starting out and cuts to soon follow I would either think Armstead should come back down to reality (or as it seems by Obie's comments) and sign a new deal or he may be battling with some desperate competition in about 2-4 weeks when camp is over.

Chris Bauman 1 year Mr Droppies
Bauman dropped like 2 ball (although at a key time). I think he is unfairly labelled as someone who drops balls.

Obie is making room because he knows hes going to what to hang onto some of the rookies coming into camp. I still think Bauman will be one of the best in the league.

Although Jim Popp is an egomaniac and will probably do anything to bolster his power as GM, I would be surprised if he would let Watkins go to a team in his division who really needs a #1 receiver.

Personally, I don't think that Kerry is a #1 go to guy, Cahoon even at his advanced age still holds that title. Ben's game is based on hands, toughness and smart routes...not speed.

I doubt that a smart cookie like Obie would cut Armstead unless he had something up his sleeve.

All that being said...two of the peices of the 2008 receiving puzzles are gone. If Miles isn't healthy the Cats in in trouble.

I hope obie has found some diamond out there

Who says Armstead would have even made the team?
Armstead was all about speed and Obie has been signing guys with speed almost since the day he took the job.
Armstead being a starting WR was far from a guarantee never mind his contract.

Who's left from Marcel's wheeling and dealings anyway?

He dropped over one per game, which is completely un acceptable at the pro level. And yes I kept track.

Hopefully he corrected and worked on it in the offeseason.

Can we give Bauman a chance. We ran Kamau Peterson out of town because of dropped passes. He's turned it around. Bauman was a rookie. Let's not throw him under the bus just yet.

That’s fair and logical. Are you sure you’re posting on the right site?? :wink:

He’s going to be just fine.

to bad, i liked Jason Armstead. He should seriously consider restructuring his contract.